Food of Kashid

You can have a picture-perfect breakfasts, lunches and dinners here with a number of eating options available along the beach. A number of joints will offer several popular and typical Indian cuisines. However what stands out here, is the Konkan Influence on the food of this beach town.

Kombadi-Wade, Sol-Kadhi, Jackfruit bhajji, Ambole, Kelphoola-chi bhajji and Kurkuronbombeel which is a crispy and fried preparation of Bombay duck are some of the delicacies available here. Other than this find the seasonal and zesty preparations of bananas, mangoes and coconuts. For a dash of sweetness try the popular Maharashtrian sweet Modak.

Recently, a lot of small, cheap but absolutely delicious shacks have opened up on the north end of the beach - they serve excellent Konkani chicken/mutton/seafood. A lot of homestays dotted along the beachline also serve simple and tasty homemade food.

Do remember that you wouldn't find any bars next to the beach - the only place where you can buy liquor is a small shop around 4 km south of Kashid (towards Murud). You might find the shop closed because of the Highway Liquor Ban.None of the restaurants next the beach serves alcohol, although a few might allow you to carry your own and drink while eating.

Here are the top 2 restaurants in Kashid:

Green Valley Restaurant

INR 650
Sawantwadi Nelgaum Road, Police Out-Post, Amboli, India
Green Valley Restaurant
This in house restaurant of the resort offers some delectable dishes. You can try out the Indian and Chinese delicacies when around here.

Balakrishnan Restaurant

INR 75
Opposite Narverkar, next to police chowki, Amboli, India
Balakrishnan Restaurant
This place is well known for its Malwani cuisine. The dry fish and regional dishes are rich in taste. A very good place to have a pleasant meal.

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