Thanumalayan Temple - Sthanumalayan Kovil

Also Refered As:

Suchindram Temple

Thanumalayan Temple - Sthanumalayan Kovil, Kanyakumari Overview

Situated in Suchindram, Thanumalay temple is also known as Sthanumalayan Kovil is the sacred shrine dedicated to Trimuthis (Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva). The beautiful temple was renovated in the 17th century, and its inscriptions date back to the 9th century.

This beautiful temple represents great architectural magnificence. One of the major highlights of this temple is the four musical pillars carved out of a single stone placed in the alankara mandapam area. These musical pillars emit a variety of musical notes when struck with a thumb. Another striking aspect of the Sthanumalayan Perumal Temple is that it depicts both Shaivite and Vaishnavite sections of Hinduism. The temple also houses massive statues of Anjaneya and Nandi which are one of its kind. Every year rathotsava and teppam festival celebrated in this temple attracts thousands of people.

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