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Dadasiba, Kangra Overview

Dadasiba is an idyllic village in the Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. Tourists often plan a visit to the Dadasiba temple during April, May and June to see the architectural jewel that was built throughout 18 years by Raja Ram Singh. To avoid visiting annual pilgrimage all the way to Mathura as an ardent follower of Krishna, Raja Ram Singh came up with the idea of constructing a Radha Krishna temple in his kingdom of Dadasiba. The mural on the inside of the temple presents the king’s rich taste in beauty and grandeur.

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Attractions in Dadasiba

The town, famous for its temple and the water mills is believed to be established in 1450 AD. What you must see here are the murals and wall painting at the temple which will take you to the ancient era and its excellent craftsmanship. The Radha Krishna temple is built using the red sandstone from Agra and marble from Jaipur. Although nothing firm is known about the artists of the beautiful murals, it has been said that the paintings are a result of artists Devi Chand and Suba Ram’s creativity and skills.  

Another popular site worth visiting here is the Kaleshwar Mahadev temple, 16 km away from Pragpur. The picturesque location of the temple, on the banks of River Beas, offers a glimpse into the artistic stonework, highlighting the mythological narratives associated with the place. Tourists visit the 400 years-old Kaleshwar Mahadev temple to offer their prayers to the Shivalingam and the holy pond in the vicinity. According to the ancient beliefs, during their exile, Pandavas visited this place and even started the construction of the temple. This was later taken up by the Katoch dynasty’s ruler. Planning a visit around Baisakhi is a great time to witness the locals indulging into the grand festive mode. 

Best Time to Visit Dadasiba

The best time to visit Dadasiba is from April to June when the weather is pleasant, and the temperature ranges from 17 to 32 Degree Celsius. From July onwards, the village receives rainfall which makes the place slippery and challenging to explore. The winter season starts from October and lasts till March. Dadasiba and the nearby areas are extremely cold around this season. The temperature ranges from 6 to 16 Degree Celsius.

How to Reach Dadasiba

The village of Dadasiba is located 22 km away from Pragpur and 158 km away from Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. To reach Dadasiba by train, one must take a train to the Guler Railway Station which is the nearest one in the region. One can also rent a local taxi to reach Dadasiba from Kangra, Shimla or Pragpur.

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