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Q. What gliding schools are good in Kamshet?

Aashimi Bhatia

6 years ago
The two popular gliding schools are Indus Paragliding School and Temple Pilots, among various others.
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Q. Can I get a no. Of person that can make my trip to kamshet which include travelling lunch and stay chatges.. I stay in pune


6 years ago
Please fill the form in the following link and our travel partners will get back to you with packages that suit your travel needs: https://www.holidify.com/custom-package/
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Prateek Chauhan

6 years ago
Proper fitting clothes and shoes are a must for a fun and wonderful experience of paragliding. Avoid wearing loose clothes if you want to enjoy paragliding here. Also, do check for the safety require (Read More)ments for paragliding before you take off.

Trikaya Retreat

on Kondeshwar temple 6 years ago
the origin of the kundalika river on which the two dams of KUNDLI and Wadavli (uksan ) are built starts from here . an amazing historical temple is the abode of the benevolent Shiva god Kondeshwar. h (Read More)e is the caretaker of the entire region . A must visit

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