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Kite Museum

Museum Layang Layang, Jakarta Overview

In Jakarta, there is a little-known museum, Museum Layang Layang (more commonly known as Kite Museum) that has been created with the purpose of preserving the country’s rich kite tradition. Being Indonesia’s first kite museum, families and travellers who are young at heart are bound to enjoy a visit to Museum Layang Layang where they can rediscover the simple joys of childhood.

Established in March 2003, Museum Layang Layang is the brainchild of Endang Ernawati. Having loved to build and fly kites from a young age, she was disappointed to see the lack of attention it receives and resolved to tackle this problem by creating Merindo Kites & Gallery. Prior to being purposed into a museum, it was a home industry that produced kites to be exported. Unlike other museums in the country, Museum Layang Layang is privately owned and run by a foundation.

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Museum Layang Layang Tour

Set in a traditional Javanese house in a backstreet, complete with open courtyards and large windows, Museum Layang Layang has a homely environment. On entering, you are first taken to a little room (called the White Pavilion) where you get to watch a short, 10-minute film on the history of kites and kite festivals. Ancient sources describe their early use for measuring distances, sending messages, and testing the direction of the wind.

The museum is home to kites from Indonesia’s different districts as well as different countries of the world like China, Korea, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and India. It is home to more than 600 types of kites, not including the creator’s personal collection in the back.

Museum Layang Layang is home to award-winning kites like a 150-metre dragon kite which is from Indonesia’s Record Museum. Other designs include the ‘Megaray’, a 9x26m kite which is the largest in the country, a 3D horse kite, dragon-shaped kite, and traditional kites made from leaves and bamboo. In fact, the smallest kite here is just 2 centimetres long.

Museum layang layang
An exhibit at Museum Layang Layang

Noteworthy kites to definitely see at Museum Layang Layang include the tapean kite from East Java which is flown specially during the harvest season; small kites from Mutun Island that are used to catch fish called “layur” or “todak”; the Bride Kite (called “Layangan Pengantin”) that is flown during weddings; and the “boogy” which is a cycle-like object used for transportation.

Aside from the main building of the museum, there is an elongated office building which contains a prayer room and a canteen.

Activities at the Kite Museum

Apart from displaying different types of kites, Museum Layang Layang hosts many workshops and festivals dedicated to kites. It’s especially popular amongst children for workshops like paper-folding kites (typically for kids till the age of seven), ceramics making (for kids till the age of five), t-shirt painting, wayang (puppet) making, umbrella painting, handkerchief painting, with similar workshop options for adult visitors as well. The classes are offered for both pre-booked groups, anywhere between five to ten people, and individuals.

When you’re doing with your creation, the courtyard outside can be used to let your kites in the air. Though making them isn’t difficult, learning how to fly a kite with precision requires some skill and practice, and the kite museum’s attendants will be more than happy to teach you the ropes. Apart from creating your own presents, there is a gift shop here with items on offer. At the gift shop, you can buy things like personalised kites, batik handkerchiefs, umbrellas, ceramics, lanterns, and even Museum Layang Layang t-shirts.


  • The museum is a popular spot for school field trips. On those days, it becomes very crowded.
  • Before leaving for the museum, it’s advisable to call ahead and see if there are any student field trips expected that day.
  • Weekends are quieter days to visit.

How To Reach Museum Layang Layang

  • Museum Layang Layang is slightly distant from most tourist destinations in South Jakarta.
  • It is around 33.5 kilometres or 40 minutes from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and 36 kilometres or 50 minutes from Kota Tua, a popular tourist area.
  • The museum is also 18 kilometres from Jalan Jaksa area and 7 kilometres from Kemang, a popular suburb for expats.
  • It is easily accessible by private transport, ojeks (motorcycle taxis), bus or the KRL Commuterline rail system. The bus lines that cross Museum Layang Layang include Bus S03, D02, S12, and S610.

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