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Üsküdar is a region in the Asian side of the city with less of concrete and more of nature. The city is home to half a million people and surrounded by Beykoz on the North, Umraniye on the east, Kadikoy covering the south and Bosphorus on the west. All these surrounding cities are large metropolis, contrary to Üsküdar which is more like a country-side. The small empty streets, beautiful parks, less crowded markets and a collection of history, Üsküdar is the place for all the peace and nature lovers. So close to other touristy cities, yet so far from the metropolis culture, a visit to this place will definitely make you connect with the local cultures and make you view Istanbul in a different way.

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The Greek colonists discovered this place in the 7th century and named it Chrysopolis after Agamenom’s son Chryses. The city was used as a camp post for the wars between Greeks and Persians, and also acted as a centre for trade. When the Athenian General Alcibiades took over the city, he used it to collect taxes from ships for taking the passage of the Black Sea. Though for being a neighbour to the giant kingdom of Byzantium, it helped as a gateway to Asia and a stopping point for the Byztantium Army.

The place also served as a battleground for the battle between Constantine I and Licinius in 324 AD. 

The city’s name got changed to Skoutarion in the 12th century after the Skoutarion Palace located near the city. During the Ottoman era, the area served as a major burial ground with several cemeteries including Karacaahmet Mezarlığı, Istanbul’s largest one.

Sightseeing in Uskudar

1. Fethi Pasa Korusu Park

Named after an Ottoman Prince, it is a huge park that extends to the Bosphorus shore and lies on a hillside. The park also houses an aesthetic cafe, a picturesque waterfall and an amphitheatre that conducts various concerts and performances. This park is a perfect place to stroll and enjoy the beauty of nature.

2. Mosques

Over 180 mosques have laid their stones in Üsküdar, with many of them allowing women to enter in the praying area. The famous architect Mimar Sinan has built many mosques under his counsel. Some of the famous mosques that you must visit are :

1. Mihrimah Sultan Mosque
2. Semsi Pasha Mosque
3. Yeni Valide Mosque
4. Sakirin Mosque
5. Ahmediye Mosque
6. Kaymak Mustafa Pasha Mosque

3. Churches

Uskudar is blessed with massive churches with stunning architecture and designs. Some of the must visits are :

1. Prophet Elijah Church, Muratreis
2. Kandilli Khristos Rum Ortodoks Kilisesi
3. Surp Hac Armenian Church, Selami Ali
4. Surp Garabed Armenian Church, Muratreis
5. Surp Yergodasan Arakelots Armenian Church, Kandili

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