Narigama Beach, Hikkaduwa Overview

Discovered in the early 1960’s Hikkaduwa saw tourists from across the globe flooding the city. Narigama is one such famous beach on the coast of Hikkaduwa. Narigama presents serenity at its best; the mornings are quiet with a good view of the sunrise and the time before sunset gets breezy followed by gorgeous orange skies overlooking the sea. There are hammocks, live seafood counters, drinks to keep you cosy under the sun and warm locals to guide you through in Narigama.

During the peak tourist seasons, the beach is a haven for adventure and water sports. Booking slots for parasailing, paragliding, scuba diving, snorkelling and jet skiing is a breeze. The waters and surfing activities go hand in hand. There are internationally acclaimed surf schools on the beach that provide you with training to surf. Local shops sell quality surfboards and you can hit the waves like never before. Unlike many other beach towns where water sports come at an expensive price, Narigama offers the best at affordable prices. Thus everyone can try their hand at some adventure-filled fun in Narigama. You can capture your picture-perfect view as the Narigama shores in Hikkaduwa is an ideal spot for photography. 

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Surfing in Narigama Beach

Narigama attracts ardent surfers from across the globe, especially the Russians and Germans. The prices are affordable in comparison to other countries. Surfing is supported by quality surfboards and skilled surfers for those seeking expertise. An average surfing lesson costs upwards of LKR 1,700.
Hippie Surf School & Surf Camp
Timings: 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Phone: +94 77 819 0458

Food in Narigama Beach

A sumptuous meal in Narigama ranges between LKR 150 – LKR 500. Red rice and curry, sambol, Roti and kottus, meat patties, traditional red curry with coconut shavings and a sweet made of jackfruit are what makes a conventional meal. An absolute must- try is their curd and yoghurt made from buffalo milk. One pot of this delicious dairy goodness costs around LKR 150.

Travel witihin Narigama Beach

Narigama is 5 kms away from Hikkaduwa. Tuk-tuks, cabs or even cycles for hire are the best ways to travel within this beach town.

Best Time to Visit Narigama Beach

The beach is accessible all day and night. However, water sports and adventure activities are restricted to when there is broad daylight. Narigama welcomes everyone with no entrance fee – the waters are open for all! December - March presents a more relaxed climate while April - August sees a lot of tourists amidst hot - warm weather. Rains pour during November and October.

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