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"The Land of Adventures!"

Hatta Tourism

Staying true to the vision of the founders of the United Arab Emirates of expanding into modern horizons while sticking to its roots, Hatta is an amalgamation of adventure and culture. It is an exclave of the United Arab Emirates and is located high above in the Hajar Mountains. Cosseted in the mighty heights, it is landlocked by Oman, Ajman and Ras-Al-Khaimah. Popular for Kayaking and other adventure sports such as kayaking, hiking, climbing and camping - Hatta's economy mainly rests on tourism.

Hatta gives a sneak peek of the rural culture, heritage and lifestyle during old times. On getting here, one can gauge the evolution of Dubai from a dusty hot desert to a glittering city with the most amazing skyline and thrilling activities to enjoy. It was restored in the year 2001 and was open for tourists for sightseeing and sports like biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming etc to name a few. Rocky roads, campsites, hill parks, bike trails, lakes lined with palm trees is an exquisite experience in itself.

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What to do in Hatta

From all the activities Hatta is known for mountain biking is the most popular one. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, there is something for everyone depending on their ease and fitness levels. You can also choose the duration of your biking session (one to three hours). The Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre is closed during the summer months.

1. Hiking: Engulfed by the Hajar Mountains, hiking is done at the base of the mountain. Hiking can be booked at Hatta Wadi Hub. 

2. Hatta Dam

3. Hatta Heritage Village: It is a museum located right in the heart of Hatta. It gives a glimpse of Arab folk culture, Emirati history highlighting their heroes. You also get to know about their primitive ways of living. You can also take a tour around the village and go sightseeing at other places. 

4. Go Kayaking and swimming in the pools are thoroughly enjoyable. You can hire a kiosk and other types of equipment required to go for Kayaking to the Hatta Lake. This is done in a controlled way due to uncertain currents in the water flow.

5. The Hatta Wadi Hub is a hub of a deluge of adventurous activities. These can be done only in winter months. Challenge your fear of height and go for zip lining, free-falling and rock climbing. (At times the Hub is closed during summers. Do check with the authorities)

6. Go camping at the Hatta Campsite and relish the silence and the beauty the sky beholds. If you are looking for luxury accommodation, you can try Hatta Damani Lodges and Hatta Sedr Trailers for an indulgent stay.

7. Hatta Hill Park is another site for a quiet getaway with your loved ones.

8. The mountain safari is a must do at Hatta. It is absolutely enthralling to experience this on a terrain that is sharp, hilly, rocky and challenging smashing through the waters.

9. The Water Park is another attraction where you can enjoy watersports and slide in the invincible summer. 


  • Washroom facilities are scarce here. But you will find public washrooms near the Hatta Dam and near Hatta Culture Centre.
  • The days might be hot but at times Hatta is cooler than Dubai. Do keep something warm with you just in case there is a change in the weather.
  • There is good access to clean drinking water but when it comes to mountain cycling, it is recommended to carry your own water since you will be doing it for two to three hours and might not find water on the way.
  • Hire a skilled driver to drive you to Hatta as driving in this terrain is not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Plan your visit in a way that you don’t have to drive at night owing to the risks attached to the terrain.
  • If you are going for Kayaking, opt for a paddleboat instead of the usual one.

What's not so great

All the activities are challenging and can be extremely exhausting if you push yourself a little too much. Care should be taken while selecting the level of mountain biking. As such, there is no prerequisite with respect to fitness levels but still, due consideration is recommended. Availability of water while biking is a huge problem. Public toilets are only in select places. Less variety of international cuisines to suit everyone’s palettes.


Hatta is a small town in the United Arab Emirates. It is 125 km away from Dubai (Takes approximately one hour to reach Hatta from Dubai). Hatta is located at the foothills of the Hajar mountains at an elevation of 330 metres. Geographically, it is cut off from the main chunk of the Emirates by a piece of landmass belonging to Sharjah and Oman.

Suggested Itinerary for Hatta

Day 1: Start the first day early with a visit to the iconic Hatta Dam and walk around for jaw-dropping beauty and also try out Kayaking at the Dam. Then head to the Hatta Heritage Village. After a nice fulfilling Arabic lunch at Hatta's famous eatery Tanor Lahm, you can spend an evening at Hatte Hill park. 

Day 2: Another early start, you can start the day by going mountain cycling or try out other activities at the Hatta Wadi Hub, which is the latest adventure hub to hit the UAE. Find out more on the official website here
You can try out Axing, archery, mountain carts, twin zipline, wall climbing and more.

Hatta Photos

Hatta Dam - Water Reservoir in Middle of Mountains
Hatta Heritage Village - Reconstructed Mountain Village in Hatta
Fresh Water Rock Pools in Hatta

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FAQs on Hatta

Who should visit Hatta?

Hatta is a place for adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies because of its various adventure options. 

People who enjoy staying outdoors, challenging activities and playing sports in rugged terrains should consider Hatta for a great experience.

What is the best time to visit Hatta?

The best time to visit Hatta is from September to October (Spring) and from February to March (Autumn). Because it is an adventure hub, it is not recommended to visit when its peak summers or peak winters. The activities are shut down during the Summer months. 

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What is the local food in Hatta?

Food in Hatta is mostly middle eastern. Predominantly you will find Emirati cuisine, Lebanese, Moroccan and Mediterranean. However, there are some good restaurants and cafes too that serve grills and barbeque too. Few places that you can consider are Tanor Lahm restaurant (their sheep meal is to die for and the quantity is humongous), Cafe Gazebo and Wadi Hatta Restaurant.
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What is the best way to reach Hatta?

The first leg of the journey starts with reaching the Dubai International Airport. Then you can either -

Take a bus from Dubai to Hatta. The bus takes three hours to reach Hatta which is time-consuming as compared to the option of having your own car. Since it is a public mode of transport it is relatively cheap too. This can cost you around AED 15.

Alternatively, you can hire your own car which takes the lesser time to say two hours. This can cost you a little more than AED 90 per day. To reach, take the Maliha Road and follow the E - 102 route.
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What are the places near Hatta?

The top places near to Hatta are Dubai which is 2458 km from Hatta, Abu dhabi which is located 2553 km from Hatta, Sharjah which is located 2442 km from Hatta, Fujairah which is located 2359 km from Hatta, Ajman which is located 2433 km from Hatta

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