Weather :

Time Required : 3 - 4 hrs

Entry Fee : No Entry Fee
Ski Charges Extra

Timings : 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Apharwat Peak, Gulmarg Overview

Situated at a height of 4200 metres above the mean sea level, Apharwat Peak in Gulmarg is one of the most breathtaking places in all of India. Imbued with snow clad mountains and surrounded by pearly white meadows, the area is a perfect honeymoon destination and the most picturesque tourist spot in Srinagar. The bird’s eye view from the hill-top provides an enthralling panoramic vista of Gulmarg below, not to forget the mesmerizing experience of the pristine snowfall or the sunglazed scenery. Remotely positioned near LOC with Pakistan; the region receives heavy rainfall and is covered in snow for most of the year; it is therefore, the ultimate skiing destination for all you ski aficionados. The tresses and the gradients provide ski options for both beginners and experts.

After the snowy white charm, the place gets washed in green for a few weeks during the summer months. The emerald green meadows and verdant grassy lawns make it an ideal destination for horse back rides and sun-kissed picnics under the blue skies. Alpathar Lake- a serene lake in the vicinity adds to the beauty and grandeur of the already enchanting place. With white peaks and lush paddocks, Apharwat Peak transports you to a paradise away from the din of the city. So if you are looking for a vacation to pump up your adrenaline, or to spend a moment or two of solitude and intimacy, or you simply want to take a break from the humdrum of city life, Apharwat Peak has got it all covered for you.

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Skiing at Apharwat Peak

The mountain peak provides ample opportunities for skiing and adventure sports. For the weak at heart, you can just carry along a sleigh and slide on a smooth piece of land to get the feel of the sport. For all the adventure junkies, Apharwat Peak has clearly demarcated areas for beginner and expert level skiing.

The activity arena is open from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM and the ski charges are extra. Visit the Ningle Nallah origination from the extreme peak of Apharwat Peak and slide down with it to the point where it joins Jhelum. The misty mountain air and the whizzing hills will surely be a memorable experience for you.

Gondola Ride to Apharwat Peak

Gulmarg has a provision of cable car ride to Apharwat Peak. It is divided into Phase 1 (Gulmarg to Kangdoor) and Phase 2 (Kangdoor to Apharwat) from the base of the hillock. Phase 2 can only be covered depending on the weather conditions. You will need to rent overcoat and boots from the base itself to prevent yourself from the blazing winds and snow upwards. The charges are approx INR 100 for a single set of boots and overcoat. However, depending on the season of tourism, the shopkeeping might dope you into overpaying them. Keep track of the price and bargain hard. It is recommended to hire a guide at the base which can prove helpful and convenient for your journey to the mountain peak. It is preferable to book gondola ride tickets online but in off- season you can easily get them in person at the ticket counter.

Board the yellow coloured gondola from the base to Phase 1. If you reach Phase 1 later than noon, we recommend you not to stop to enjoy the scenery as Phase 2 gets closed early. Hurry to Phase 2 and try and reach there before 2:00 PM. Post 3:00 PM, grey clouds surround the peak, the weather conditions might get worse and you can have dearth of oxygen. Needless to mention, the view from the top is breathtaking. The gondola ride with the sweeping mountain peaks and the picturesque meads below, will be a once in a lifetime experience for you.

Things to do around Apharwat Peak

1. Enjoy horse riding at the base site. You will find ample ponies and their caretakers strolling around. For a very minimal amount you can enjoy riding a pony on your own.
2. Try sledge riding at the top. For around INR 500 you can get pulled in a human sledge and enjoy the chilly winds against your face.
3. If you are an adventure junkie, go for heli-skiing. The process lets you drop from the helicopter to any mountain peak and you can choose your own method of descent.
4. Visit the Alpathar Lake at the bottom of the Apharwat peak and soak in the beauty of nature. Its waters remain frozen till late June; you can also water skate here.
5. The mountain arena provides plenty of trekking opportunities both for novices and masters.

Best Time To Visit Apharwat Peak

The ideal time to visit Apharwat Peak is between the months of March and October. The weather conditions are at their best; it isn’t biting cold. You can relax in the meadows, trek on the hills, find traces of snow (depending on the climate) and have an altogether wonderful experience.

How To Reach Apharwat Peak

You can either drive down or hire a private cab or an auto rickshaw (depending on the distance) to the base of Apharwat Peak. If you are staying fairly close to the area, you can also ride down in a horse ( depending on the availability). From the base of the mountain, you can take a gondola ride to the summit above.

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