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The Gaumukh trek is one of the most arduous treks in Northern India. However, as is said of most treks, the longer and tougher it is, more rewarding is the destination, so is the case for this instance of adventure.

The trek to Gaumukh starts from Gangotri glacier, about 18 kms from Gaumukh. The path is heavily strewn with rocks and boulders from the 2013 North Indian Floods, tread with caution. On this path of 18th kms, 9 kms on one will face the abode of the Chir trees, known as Chirbasa. 3 kms on from Chirbasa is the extremely daunting trek of Gila Pahar, often labeled as the landslide capital of the region. Since there are no horses or ponies available, unlike other treks, make sure to pack yourself well with resources strong enough to last you the whole trek. 4 kms on, is the trek of Bhujbhasa, which is also one of the pit stops for the regular trekkers. The Lalbaba and Rambaba ashrams, as well as the government run GMVN Bungalow are the accomodation options available for the pitstop. 4 and a half kms onward, is when Gaumukh is finally located. The trek from Bhujbhasa is a very arduous one, since the path is covered in its entirety by huge boulders. 

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Gaumukh Trek

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