How To Reach Florence

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How to Reach Florence

Florence can be reached smoothly in a plane. Else you can also reach the city by the popular railway facility.

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How to Reach Florence from India

Any continental and European Airline will take you to the cities close to Florence. However, flights to Vespucci Airport are costlier. The best way is to take a cab from cities like Bologna located in vicinity.

How to reach Florence by flight

The Amerigo Vespucci Airport is the airport in Florence which welcomes tourist from far and wide. It is well-connected to the various major cities in Europe and is just 4 km distance from the main city.

How to reach Florence by road

If you think of driving to Florence, you need to get a prior permission from the hotel. The road which leads to the city crosses the highly restricted area, so driving without permission might cause you some troubles.

How to reach Florence by train

The popular Firenze Santa Maria Novella stands right in the main city. It is well connected to the other major citie. Firenxe Campo di Marte is another popular train station in Florence.

How to reach Florence by bus

The Eurolines is a bus service which connects Florence to most important cities all over Europe. So you can comfortable enjoy a bus ride to this city.

Local transport in Florence

The best way to get around Florence is by walking. The city is much smaller than you expect it to be, and you 'll be surprised at all the exploring you'll get done! If you would rather use public transport, get ATF passes which allows you to use their public transport, be it bus or metro, for a certain amount of time. You could buy tickets that are valid for only 90 minutes, or ones that are valid for a week. It is best to avoid cars and taxis. Opt for rented bicycles and scooters instead, and you'll be zipping around the city in no time!

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