Places To Visit in Scotland

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Here are the top 2 tourist places in Scotland

1. Edinburgh

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Places to visit in Scotland 11
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The capital city of Scotland, Edinburg is located in the Central Belt region of the country. The city is a combination of both ancient and modern atmosphere and is divided into two segments: the Old town and the Georgian New City. Edinburgh is now a city of festivals and entertainment. It is also a ...

Best Time: May to August

2. Glasgow

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Places to visit in Scotland 10
Tourist attractions

The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is situated on the banks of River Clyde in the West Central Lowlands of the country. It was historically a part of Lanarkshire. From being the powerhouse of industrial Britain, it has transformed itself into a major tourist destination across the world.

Best Time: June to August

FAQs on Scotland

What is the currency of Scotland?

Scotland uses Pound Sterling like the rest of the United Kingdom. The three national banks in Scotland issue their sterling banknotes and they circulate along with the Bank of England notes. Though Scottish banknotes are accepted in the UK, it is tough to exchange them outside the UK, so it is better to spend them during your stay. One can easily use American Express, Visa Cards or MasterCards for their transactions. There are a lot of ATMs available in the country, so cash accessibility is never a problem.

What is the history of Scotland?

Dating back to more than thousands of years, the birth of Scotland was supposed to be in 10,000 BC during the Palaeolithic Era. It was followed by the chapters of the Roman army, Vikings, powerful monarchs, noble clansmen and various famous philosophers. The beautiful castles, fortresses, standing stones, stately homes and brilliant architecture in Scotland are an account of Scotland's long history. After being ruled by many leaders, Scotland formed a part of United Kingdom in 1707, yet the new parliament was built in Edinburgh only in 1999.

What is unique about culture of Scotland?

Scottish people hold strong to their culture and traditions, the bagpipes, haggis and kilts being the most popular ones. The Church of Scotland has the most number of followers in Scotland, the Roman Catholic Church being the second largest one. There is also a small fraction of Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Sikhs. The official language of Scotland is English, and it is widely spoken all over the country. Scottish Gaelic, the traditional language, is spoken in a few parts of the country.

How is Scotland divided into regions?

Scotland is divided into many traditional counties as well as 32 modern unitary authorities. The major areas are the South West, the Central Belt which houses famous cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, the highlands like Loch Ness and Great Glen, the northeastern part including Aberdeen, Hebrides, Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands.
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