Colombo to Dambulla

   Colombo to Dambulla Road Distance 159.8 Km
   Colombo to Dambulla Aerial Distance 137 km
  Colombo to Dambulla Travel Time 3 hr 8 mins

How to reach Dambulla from Colombo

Known for the famous Dambulla Cave Temple, Iron Wood Forest, Rose Quartz Mountain and the Rangiri Dambulla International Cricket Stadium, tourists visit Dambulla in large numbers. Located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, Dambulla is well connected to the capital through a major road network. When travelling from Colombo to Dambulla, the most pocket-friendly way is to take the 150-km bus ride. If you are extremely short on time, then there are flights available too. The one-hour flight journey would approximately be between INR 17000 – INR 40000.

Knowing The Details

1. Colombo to Dambulla by Road
2. Popular Routes to Dambulla
3. Popular Routes from Colombo
4. Places to Visit in Dambulla
5. Hotels in Dambulla

1. Colombo to Dambulla by Road

Colombo to Dambulla by Road
Colombo to Dambulla

Driving from Colombo to Dambulla is another preferred option if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks for a comfortable ride amidst the scenic tranquillity. If you are hiring a rental cab, the journey will cost you between INR 5000 – INR 6500 whereas, as self-drive car costs around INR 800 – INR 1200.

Colombo to Dambulla by Bus
Buses to Dambulla

Buses are the cheapest way to travel from Colombo to Dambulla. The 4-hour journey costs anywhere between INR 65 – INR 90. The direct bus starts from the Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus Terminal for Dambulla. The frequency of the available buses is good, with daily buses every 15 minutes.

Popular Routes to Dambulla

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Colombo to Dambulla 3 hr 8 mins 159.8 Km

Popular Routes from Colombo

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Colombo to Kandy 4 hours 123 kms
Colombo to Benota 1 Hour 44 Minutes 101 Km
Colombo to Anuradhapura 4 Hours 27 Minutes 200 Km
Colombo to Sigiriya 4 Hours 34 Minutes 177 Km
Colombo to Negombo 58 Mins 37.5 Km
Colombo to Trincomalee 5 Hr 53 Min 265.3 Km