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Satdhara Falls, Dalhousie Overview

The stunning Satdhara Falls is situated in the Chamba valley, surrounded by fantastic views of snow-covered ranges, and fresh, green pine and deodar trees. 'Satdhara' means seven springs, thus the Satdhara Falls get its name from being the waterfall that brings together the waters of the seven beautiful springs.The waters in these springs meet at a point 2036 meters above the sea and dive magnanimously in unison. This is the perfect place for people in search of some tranquillity in their hectic life. The water here is said to contain mica, which has medicinal properties to cure skin diseases. It is known as 'Gandhak' in the local language. The water here is clear crystal and serene.

The water of the majestic Satdhara Falls gurgles with joy as little droplets bounce off the rocks onto us. The pleasant fragrance of wet mud fills the air with a refreshing scent as the water pours into a sparkling and smooth aquamarine pool. The sweet nougat smell of flower washes over you and the sun smiles as it peeks through the tall dense trees. The view of the white water surging and plunging from the height hypnotises you with its beauty. The sound of the crashing water is loud but pleasant; it is noisy but in a satisfying way. The edges of the fall hemmed with silver lines glisten in the sunshine. The gigantic waterspout looks as if it belongs, as though the flow of the stream is meant to be cut off to birth this beautiful phenomenon.

The backdrop of these mesmerising Satdhara Falls is lush green landscape, sky-touching trees and fog tinted hills, multiplying the beauty of the waterfall. The pine and deodar trees packed densely together for miles make the landscape look like a thick olive green blanket, and the smooth bumps of the hills looks like snow covered waves of perfection; the view that surrounds the Satdhara Falls surrounds the onlooker with its magnificence too.

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Highlights of Satdhara Falls

Unlike many other waterfalls, the Satdhara Falls have therapeutic value to them. The springs are said to contain the element mica, which has medicinal properties that can potentially cure several diseases. These dazzling waterfalls are located just on the way to Panchpula, which is another very popular place to visit in Dalhousie.

You can opt for trekking around and up to Satdhara Falls. To walk amuck the wilderness; soft breezes rustling the trees as the leaves fall to the earth and crunch beneath our steps, the birdsong in the air is a melody to the soul and the shafts on sun that make it through the dense trees decorating the wild with its mild shine; a trek to the bewitching waterfall can really rejuvenate your mind and soul and leave you cleansed with nature.

The view of the sunset from Satdhara Falls is simply splendid. The big ball of yellow fire turning to a flaming orange and slowly taking shelter behind the hills; the biggest star gives way to a thousand others. The sky changes colours and the birds chirp and flutters to their cosy nests; as the crickets take over.

Tips for Visiting Satdhara Falls

1. You can enter the area of the waterfall and try to splash around in it, so be sure to carry an extra pair of clothing.
2. Try to make it in time to witness the sunset from the falls.
3. Wear shoes that give you proper grip and comfort as the rocks get slippery from the moss.
4. Watch out for frogs and insects, apply an insect repellant.
5. Don't forget to bring your camera.

How To Reach Satdhara Falls

Since the Satdhara Falls is right on the way to Panchpula, it is easy to locate. Buses ply to Gandhi Chowk; get off here, and you will easily be able to hail a taxi to Satdhara Falls.

Since Dalhousie does not have its own airport, the closest airport is Pathankot airport which is only 75 kms away. Buses ply to Pathankot and Chamba too. At a distance of 71 kms is Pathankot's Chakki Bank railhead, which is the nearest railway station to the falls.

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