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Wat Tha Ton, Chiang Mai Overview

Wat Tha Ton is an important Buddhist temple in the village of Tha Ton. It is well-known for its stunning crystal pagoda, or Chedi Kaew, which is strikingly visible from afar. Adorned with inscriptions and sculptures of mythical stories, the compound houses a school, meditation centre and community outreach programs for the hill tribes, while also offering a scenic view of the country below.

Unlike other wats, pagodas, or stupas, Wat Tha Ton stands out with its diverse collection of Buddha shrines, posters, sculptures, and statues, inspired by both Chinese and Thai styles. Nestled hilltop, it may seem like quite a hike through the nine levels to reach the stunning, multicoloured pagoda. These nine-level series offers visitors views of unique beauty as they pass each level. Although it may seem like a tedious hike offering mesmerizing views, visitors can take a pass on it by renting a motorbike and driving up the sealed road to the hilltop.

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Wat Tha Ton
Wat Tha Ton
Wat Tha Ton
Wat Tha Ton

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Highlights of Wat Tha Ton

1. Crystal Pagoda
The newest addition to the temple, crystal pagoda or otherwise known as Chedi Kaew, is so striking and alluring that it can be seen from miles away. The bright and vibrant pagoda boasts a green tapering on the top, with an embellished with golden celestial (Thewada) figures on a red-themed backdrop at the two entrances.

2. Vipassana Meditation Centre
Overlooking the village and the mountains, the Vipassana meditation centre at the temple organizes several classes on meditation that are open to the public. These classes range from beginner to advanced. Non-Thai speakers can opt for courses that are held in English.

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