Bhujia Hill, Bhuj Overview

Overlooking the beautiful town, Bhujia Hill is a prominent natural formation considered to be of immense religious and historical importance. It is often associated with the legendary victory of Bhujanga against Bheria Kumar. It also served as a perfect location for Bhujia Fort that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the splendid Hill and defended the Jadeja Chiefs. The hill requires at least 200 stairs to reach the top.

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Bhujia Fort

Built upon the Bhujia Hill, the Bhujia Fort came into being during the early 1700s. It was the primary element of safety for the Jadeja Chiefs, the rulers of Kutch of the time. Having witnessed 6 wars on its grounds, the Bhujia Fort soon came to be crossed over and violated in time.

It was during the reign of the Nagas that the fort witnessed its most gruesome battle. The death of Bhujanga, the then Naga chief was its result. Thus, the hilltop of the Bhujia Hill houses the Bhujang Nag Temple in his name. However, post-independence, the fort was further used by the Indian Military forces.

Temples on the Bhujia Hill

The Bhujang Nag Temple is the most significant temple here. Dedicated to the snake god, the temple also has a dome-like protective structure called the Chhatri built by the Naga Sadhus, believers of this Hindu deity.

The Bhujang Nag temple hosts the popular annual festival of the Nag Panchami, thus attracting several devotees. Held during the Shravana month of the Hindu calendar, this festivity is also a vibrant celebratory fair reminiscing the day the Chhatri was built. 

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