Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

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Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary Tourism

The Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary of the Bhamragarh town is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra and is home to various animal species like leopards, the blue bull, peacock, flying squirrel, wild boar, etc.

The Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary because of its close proximity to major cities in Maharashtra enjoys several tourists from different places coming to soak in the natural beauty.
Spread over an area of about 104.38, the sanctuary is very green and is covered by various species from the plant kingdom including mango, jamun, Kusum, Bamboo trees along with shrubs of Neel, Tarota, Kuda, etc.
The Pamalgautam and Parlkota rivers flow through the sanctuary providing water to the flora and fauna and as well as to the tribes living nearby namely Gonda and Madia tribes which depend on the Forest for their habitation.

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Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra
Wildlife Sanctuary

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FAQs on Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

What is famous about Bhamragad?

Amazing scenic beauty. Paradise for nature lovers.

What is not so good about Bhamragad?

Very few eating joints. Spotting tiger or lion is very rare.

Who should visit Bhamragad?

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal place for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. It is a perfect getaway for the people of Maharashtra though it is visited by people from all over. Wildlife photographers can get some amazing shots here.

What is the best time to visit Bhamragad?

October to May is the best time to visit Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The weather is pleasant between October to March, but the chances of spotting wildlife increases during summers.
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What is the local food in Bhamragad?

Not much is available here as it is a wildlife sanctuary. However, the guest-houses provide tourists with basic food options including Indian and Maharashtrian dishes.
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What is the best way to reach Bhamragad?

Bhamragarh Wildlife sanctuary can be accessed by air, rail and road.The nearest airport is in Nagpur and is around 234 km away. The airport is connected with flights from various cities in the country. Ballarpur is 3.5 hours away from Bhamragarh and is the nearest station. Chandrapur is another station which is near to the destination. There are state buses of Maharashtra which ply from various towns and cities to Bhamragarh. Alternatively, you can drive from Chandrapur, Ballarpur, Nagpur, etc. till the Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

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What are the places near Bhamragad?

The top places near to Bhamragad are Tadoba which is 150 km from Bhamragad, Hyderabad which is located 316 km from Bhamragad, Dantewada which is located 98 km from Bhamragad, Goa which is located 839 km from Bhamragad, Agra which is located 902 km from Bhamragad

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Pallavi Siddhanta

3 years ago
- Carry extra food and water supplies with you, facilities are not present at proper intervals.
- In case of planning to stay back, make sure you enquire about the availability of hotel rooms befo (Read More)rehand.
- During monsoons, the climb up the fort might be slippery, wear good shoes with rubber soles.
- While visiting the Wildlife Sanctuary, carry binoculars, mosquito repellants, first aid kit and a change of clothes.
- It's important not to disturb the animals or the harmony of the place, as most nocturnal animals sleep during the day.