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Entry Fee : € 3.00 (reduced to € 2.50 for students)

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Victory Column , Berlin Overview

Victory Column (called as Siegessäule in German) is one of the main tourist attractions located at the Großer Stern (Great Star) in Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany. Inaugurated in 1873, this famous monument was built to commemorate the victory of Prussia (a prominent state of Germany in the past) in the Danish-Prussian War. Originally, the monument was constructed in Königsplatz (present Platz der Republik), but it was relocated in 1939 to follow Adolf Hitler’s future vision of transforming Berlin into the new capital of Germany.

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The Observation Deck of Victoria Column

Staircase inside Victoria Column, Berlin

The interiors of the Victory column features a 282-steps spiral staircase that visitors can use to get to the top of the column, just below the sculpture of Victoria. While this trip to the top is not for faint hearted and one should be physically fit at least to a certain level if they decide to climb these stairs, the ones who had taken the initiative in the past have made it clear that the view from the deck made it absolutely worth it.

With an amazing view of the vast stretched land of Tiergarten park and much of the city of Berlin, one can rest assured that this experience is bound to be nothing less than a fantastic one. And the beautiful pictures that one can capture here is also a bonus! There is also a Biergarten (German for beer garden) and Café Victoria near the tower, where visitors can stop by for a break and grab some refreshments.

Victory Column Entry Fee and Timings

People who decide that they want to enjoy the panoramic view of Berlin that the observation deck in Victoria Column offers need to buy a ticket to have access to this platform. The price of this is just € 3.00, that is further reduced to € 2.50 for students, and the entry is free of cost for children under five years. The tower is open for visitors from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM from Monday to Friday and between 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sculpture of Victoria in Victoria Column

Sculpture of Victoria at the Victory Column

The magnificent bronze sculpture of Victoria - the Goddess of Victory, is one of the most remarkable aspects of this monument and it stands about 8.3 meters in height on the top of this tower. Though the sculpture was not part of the original plans of construction, the defeat of Austria and France in Austro-Prussian war and Franco Prussian War respectively, by the time of its inauguration contributed to its addition. The sculpture was designed by the German sculptor, Friedrich Drake, who was well-known for his creation of huge memorial statues during that time.

Holding a spear in one hand to represent the military standard of the country and a laurel wreath (which is a symbol of triumph) in other, this personified Roman Goddess equivalent to the Greek Goddess Nike, also adorns a helmet with an eagle. This symbolizes the personification of Prussia- Borussia. Berliners have nicknamed the statue as ‘Goldenelse’ and some even affectionately call it the ‘heaviest woman in Berlin’ for the sculpture weighs about 35 tonnes.

Architecture of Victoria Column

Part of mosaic from pedestal in Victory Column, Berlin

This iconic slender tower of great significance was designed post-1864 by Heinrich Strack, who gained the inspiration of this column from the ‘Lighthouse of Brescia’. The base of the column is polished red granite with a hall of pillars which has glass mosaic, that was tailored by Anton von Werner. This foundation depicts illustrations from the three wars and the victorious troops celebrating and marching back in Berlin.

The column embodies four solid blocks of sandstone; out of which three are made from canon barrels seized from enemies post the three wars. The last fourth ring is embellished from golden garlands that were added after the tower was relocated to its current location in 1939. Including the statue of Victoria atop the column, the total height of the Victory column is 67 meters (220 ft).

Historical Significance of Victory Column

Barack Obama delivering his speech at the Victory Column, Berlin on 24 July, 2008

The significance of the Victory Column can be observed from various occurrences that took place in history. One among the major events was the speech given by Barack Obama as a US presidential candidate to 200,000 Berliners on 24 July 2008. Even though controversy was involved because of the selection of this site symbolizing German militarism, Barack Obama chose it over the alternative - Brandenburg Gate.

Furthermore, The Angel of Independence or El Àngel, the victory column in Mexico that was built in the honour of Mexico’s victory in the War of Independence, holds an uncanny resemblance to the Victory Column. More so than the Alexander Column in Saint Petersburg, that was founded much earlier than these two and followed the example of the crowning of victory column by an angel. Another significant occurrence took place on 2nd May of 1945 when the Soviet troop with the nickname ‘Tall Woman’ hoisted the flag of Berlin on the column at the end of the Battle of Berlin.

How To Reach Victory Column

Visitors travelling in different vehicles to visit the Victory Column

Berlin has several public transportation options such as buses, trains, the subway or S-Bahn, that visitors can choose from to reach the Victory Column. The Subway line (U-Bahn) U9 stops at the U Hansaplatz station that is 623 meters away from the tower; so visitors can easily take a 9 min walk to the tower from the station. Visitors travelling through S-Bahn can use S5, S7, and S75 lines that stop at S Bellevue station. This stop is 742 meters away from the Victory Column, and travellers will take roughly 11 min to reach there if they walk from the station. The bus lines 100, 106, and 187 can also be used to reach großer stern stop that is right around the tower.

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