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Tempelhof is lively, historic and centre of all the governance in Tempelhof Schöneberg district of Berlin. It has a population of both Germans and Non-German that includes ethnicities of Arabs, Turks, Polish and Russians being few of them. Tempelhof Airport now a nature park visited by the tourists as well as the locals has been a major part of Germany’s history and development since ages. Stroll at the green parks accessible easily by Berlin’s transportation or simply spend an entertaining day watching a Derby, the place has a mix of everything that speaks leisure.

Berlin is a historical city other than being the capital and the administrative state of Germany. Berluin’s town includes 12 boroughs since the governmental reformation in 2001, each borough run by a council and a Mayor. Home to a former airport Tempelhof, an area located in Tempelhof Schoneberg, the seventh one out of 12 boroughs of Berlin. It borders the Mittie in the North, Neukolin in the east, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg in the north and Steglitz-Zehlendorf in the West. Since the administrative changes made in 2001, the population of Tempelhof has seen considerable growth over the years

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Attractions of Tempelholf

Tempelhof Fled Airport: Sited on the southern part of Berlin, Tempelhof is popular as a place which once had Tempelhof Airport. The airport now permanently closed and an open space for both the tourists and locals to have a leisure time. In 1923 the airport served as an icon of power of the Nazi, also a testing ground for many small and large aircrafts. Even though this airport’s terminal was one of the largest buildings in whole Europe and was fully operational until 2008 had to be closed eventually. On October 30, 2008, Tempelhof airport, a quarter of roughly 877 acres was shut down even after huge protests and referendum held for its rescue.

Now the same place has a new name of Tempelhof Fled, more of a leisure spot and a public park famous for its unbarred and open landscape. Formerly a military parade ground and now a refugee camp as well, the site has three entrances of Columbiadamm, Tempelhofer Damm and Oderstrasse. Visitors and locals can also bring their picnic essentials like food, refreshments and chairs to relax at this huge outing space. At present Tempelhof Fled has a long cycling and a jogging track accessible to people of all age groups at both the sunrise and sunset.

Südgelände Nature Park: Experience untouched natural park with a distinct appeal of vintage era at Südgelände Nature Park which also was a railway site during World War II. After being shut down in 1952 and today after nearly 66 years the place has a diversity of vegetation akin to grassland and woodland forest. The walkways here make you witness various forms of art installations as this place offers artists an opportunity to showcase their work. Since this park was closed nature took its course to grow trees and plantations on this empty land and later in 1970 the park was accessible to public.
Another fascinating thing evident here is the old “Baureihe 50 Steam Engine” Train along with a 100 year old train shed. Though the train was last run on the tracks here since a very long time, this train present here is still restored by the conservationists. The 50 metre high water tower which once supplied water to the steam engine still exists as the landmark of the Südgelände Nature Park. You can enjoy a cup of coffee after strolling the park at a cafe located at Bruckenmeisterei, one of the two main buildings here.

Trabrennbahn Mariendorf: The equestrian sports club situated in the Mariendorf, Tempelhof Schoneberg district of Berlin is another must visit attraction for any tourist. With one of the largest trotting courses in Germany which host more than 650 races a year, the stalls here can have room for more than 800 horses. The beautiful architecture of this sports club includes 32 stables spread across an area of 24 hectares which are surrounded by striking chestnut trees. The main events that take place here arethe Derby Week and Breeders Crown both of them attracting equestrian enthusiasts. The Derby Week is the highlight usually held between July –August every year, lasting for up to 8 days. Mainly focused on performance of German Trabrenn horses, this race event is another renowned event both in Germany and all over the world.

Süßkramdealer: Designed in the stylish Wilhelminian period majorly emphasizes the oak and mahogany pattern, Süßkramdealer remains the same till date. Experimenting with food cuisine is a mandatory ritual every tourist follows but this store is more for the coffee and dessert lovers. Both a patisserie and a cafe, Süßkramdealer has small seating arrangements with a lush styled decor mainly in whites and brown.

You can try macrons sitting on cosy benches or simply sip on coffee as you sit there in simple awe of this amazing chocolate store. The store certainly is considered a gem in Berlin’s retail culture and is a popular hangout for all the folks who have a sweet tooth. Few of the bestsellers here are CUBA-a double layered chocolate cigar with a touch of orange in it, Mozart-Polsterl- chocolate made with rum, raisins, butter and hazelnut. If you are a wine lover you must try Winifred, a summer favourite and is gulped down by the wine fanatics.

Schöneberg Town Hall: After the merger of Schöneberg and Friedenau to become part of Greater Berlin, Schöneberg Town Hall served as a district hall for both of them. Also being the Berlin House of Representatives and official seat for the Governing Mayor, the Hall has been a prominent one. John F Kennedy once gave a speech here affirming the alliance with Berlin and Europe. Now a seat hall for Tempelhof Schöneberg since the reformation of 2001 all the administrative work is approved here by the district Mayor. Being a hall from the village of Schöneberg to a town hall, the place is known majorly for its political events.

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