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53. Pine Ridge Golf Course

Pine Ridge Golf Course

17 km
from city center
53 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

Pine Ridge Golf Course is placed by the Loch Raven Reservoir and is one of the most scenic courses due to being placed by a water body. The course is a challenging one and the difficulty is definitely on the higher side. The course has also been host to various PGA and LPGA events throughout the years. Though it is farther from the city centre, the experience and the panoramic views are well worth the trip to the course.

54. Epic Church

Epic Church

8 km
from city center
54 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

The Epic Church was founded in 2005 and is situated in Eastern Baltimore. The church was a dream of a couple and was brought into existence by a group of 12 people. It is also known as “Church for the rest of us” and aims at making people accept themselves as they are. At present, over a few hundred people gather there every Sunday morning to worship. The church organises various events regularly such as winterfests and had recently organised an Israel trip as well.

55. City Harbor Church

City Harbor Church

10 km
from city center
55 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

The city harbor church is managed by two pastors Ben and Rebecca. Also, they acquire a kids ministry with recreations to help kids grow and nurture. Moreover, one can also subscribe to the podcasts offered by the church. For the worshipers of this church, the bible is the only source of belief. They have a life group, wherein, people gather around often and get to know each other personally.

56. Grace City Church

Grace City Church

2 km
from city center
56 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

The GraceCity church has an intuition of creating a community of people who wish for the welfare of the city. Taking account of the current situation, the church holds live meets on Youtube/Facebook pray sessions every Sunday. They have ministries for women, men and children of all age groups. The church also takes the responsibility for ceremonies such as baptism, weddings, and funerals. Another assistance that they offer to serve their community is that they have helpline emails for sickness, family crisis or marriage crisis. They also arrange workshops for singles, premarital counselling, pastoral counselling and a lot more.

57. Basilica of the Assumption

Basilica of the Assumption

1 km
from city center
57 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

Opened in 1821, the Basilica of the Assumption is the first-ever Roman Catholic Cathedral in the US. The national shrine is named Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, however, and it is popularly referred to as Baltimore Basilica. Another highlight of the church is that it was designed by the first professional architect of America, Benjamin Henry Latrobe. The church has events such as P3 Baltimore every Thursday which stands for Prayer, penance and the pub. Moreover, they provide free parking for the followers till 12 PM on Sundays.

58. City Church Haven

City Church Haven

2 km
from city center
58 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

Haven City Church is a Baptist Church located in the southern part of Baltimore. The church has a special program for kids of kindergarten to sixth grade, every Sunday. Also, they hold gatherings every Sunday and offer food to the devotees as well. The Baltimore Bulwark is a service they offer to the vulnerable people of the community, in which 35% of money offered by anyone is funded for the good of needy people.

59. Redemption City Church

Redemption City Church

4 km
from city center
59 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

Also referred to as RCC, the Redemption City church has a vision of faith and they wish to convert it into 100 years for the city. They are currently working on a campaign of spreading their beliefs in various cities. The community is well known to nourish, adopt and look after orphans all over the world. The members of the church offer various support, local services and counselling to the people around them. They conduct workshops for grief counselling, evangelism, etc. And the most unique offering of the redemption City Church is that they run an RCC institute, providing 2 years internship programs for men and women.

60. Kingdom Life Church

Kingdom Life Church

5 km
from city center
60 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

The kingdom life church is a Pentecostal Church. The pastors Anita and Michelle have been constantly working on bringing prosperity to their community. They have men and women ministries as well as groups for pastoral care and counselling. Additionally, they regularly hold grocery giveaway and food giveaway events showing their empathy for the needy. You can also find a sermon library on their website with great religious content.

61. Church of the Redeemed of the Lord

Church of the Redeemed of the Lord

6 km
from city center
61 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

Church of the Redeemed of the Lord, started by Bishop Jerome and Lady Marsha Stokes as a storefront church in 1985, is a mega Church today providing its congregants holistic transformation. This holy place is committed to strengthening the relationship between worshipers and God through His words and ways. Bishop Jerome Stokes is the CEO and Senior Pastor of the Church. A spiritual leader who serves Lord with utter love and sincerity and spreads His words through his preaching’s. The Church conducts Redeemed Deep Dive sessions every Tuesday at seven in the evening. The session covers in-depth knowledge of the Holy Bible.

62. Mount Calvary Catholic Church

Mount Calvary Catholic Church

1 km
from city center
62 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

Mount Calvary Catholic Church, established in the year 1842 by Pope Benedict XVI, is situated nearby Seton Hill in Baltimore. The Church building was planned and designed by Robert Cary Long Jr. and is a Roman Catholic congregation today. Rev. Albert Scharbach is the pastor of the Ordinariate. Their movement is to embrace the solid foundations of the Catholic faith with new energy. Mount Calvary strives to bring forward the Catholic richness and heritage through service and worship.

63. Rosedale Baptist Church

Rosedale Baptist Church

14 km
from city center
63 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

Rosedale Baptist Church in Baltimore is a diverse congregation and focuses on your relationship with God and human connections. This worship centre believes and proclaims His words and ways through preaching’s. At Rosedale, you get an opportunity of connecting through groups. It facilitates via various ministries like Rosedale Baptist School, RKids Ministry, Teens ministry, etc. The staff at Rosedale is warm and welcoming. Scott Tewell is the lead pastor, and the leadership team includes several other pastors for different ministries

64. Bridgeway Community Church

Bridgeway Community Church

19 km
from city center
64 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

Bridgeway Community Church, located in Columbia, is uniquely characterized for its core values. This place of worship aims to bridge the community through unity and love. BRIDGES is an acronym; B is for Building into one another, R for Reconciliation, I for Instruction, D for Dynamic Worship, G for Growth, E for Evangelism, and S for Stewardship and Service. Dr. David Anderson serves as a founder and senior pastor at Bridgeway community. Bridgeway Community Church organizes 'Community Cupboard' drives to help the people in need. Various events and outreaches take place throughout the week to spread love and celebrate diversity.

65. Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church

Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church

2 km
from city center
65 out of 65
places to visit in Baltimore

Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church is established in 1869 through a donation made by Isabella Brown. The church building is a fine example of architecture. The place offers multiple classes and groups, including Meditation circles, Adult Bible Study, Kids Ministry to connect. Worship through sermons and music is a way adopted by this place to encounter God. Rev. Andrew Foster Connors is a senior pastor of Brown Memorial. Different spiritual practices, from meditation to in-depth Bible study, take place every week.

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Baltimore has a lot of commuting options, the best of them however is by car. You can drive your own car or rent one, and easily navigate the grid-patterned roads. Public transportation is also reliable, with multiple options of buses, Light Rail, Metro Subway, taxis and water-taxis. A free bus service 'Charm City Circulator' is also available, which connects to most of the major attractions in the city free of cost.
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