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Bageshwar is a really small town, warm and welcoming, but not as thoroughly developed as its Kumaoni counterparts to offer you with fancy dining out options. But there is never a dearth of local eateries popping out of every nook and cranny of the city offering you with some delectable local cuisine of aloo-puri (potato gravy and fried Indian bread) and sweets like Balmithai. You may want to consider packing up some dry foodstuff for longer journeys, since packaged preserved food here is a rare sight due to the logistical cost of making the same available on the terrain.

Here are the top 2 restaurants in Bageshwar:

Hotel Narendra Palace

INR 400
6AM- 11PM
Kailkhuria, Kathayat Bara, Bageshwar 263642, India
Hotel Narendra Palace
You can stop by here to have a delightful meal. Situated right by the river, one gets an amazing view while having their meal. The place offers limited dishes but they are very tasty.

Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat

INR 300
Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat
Look out at the snow clad eating while gorging on some of the most delicious Kumaoni food. They also have a variety of other options available for travellers, ranging from Mughali to Chinese.

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