Japanese Village, Ayutthaya

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Timings : 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee : Adults: THB 50,Students: THB 20

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Japanese Village, Ayutthaya Overview

Part of a Japanese compound in the past, the Japanese Village or “Baan Yippon” is an exhibition of videos and artefacts, displaying the lifestyle and history of Japanese emigrants in Ayutthaya. The village is a lens into the dynamic and rich history of Ayutthaya's migrants. It is a haven for history buffs and photographers alike. Now, an everlasting symbol of the 130 (and more) years of diplomatic friendship between the nations of Japan and Thailand, the Japanese Village is a must inclusion in every Ayutthaya travel itinerary.

When the Japanese emperor granted permission for the Japanese to trade with Thailand, a lot of traders came to Ayutthaya looking for opportunities. Like all other foreign settlers, the Ayutthayan king gave them land to settle outside the city boundaries. The Japanese Village now serves as a tribute to the lasting friendship between the two countries and continued bilateral relations. An underrated site, the Japanese Village is a promising display of exhibits, providing interesting accounts of the Ayutthayan economic history.

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Exhibits and Display at Japanese Village, Ayutthaya

In honour of the settlement popularised in a 2010 movie, Yamada Tiger, the Japanese Village was designed to record the fascinating history of the centuries-old settlement in Ayutthaya. Based on the latest virtual reality theatre technology, visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of the site. The immersive technology allows visitors to access audio guides in Thai, Japanese and English on their handheld devices.

The exhibition at Japanese Village Museum is efficiently executed and maintained, with placards providing sufficient information about the displays. The air-conditioned indoor exhibits provide an insight into the dynamic history of trade between Ayutthaya and other Asian and Western nations. The exhibits also include two videos on the activities of the settled community.

The exhibition also records the life and activities of Yamada Nagamasa, an official in the Thai royal court. It further elaborates on the importance of Ayutthaya and its history along with featuring aerial photos of the city and a display on Thai-Japan relations. Another display features the armour and swords of the Japanese samurai bodyguards of the Thai royals. The Japanese Village also includes a well-maintained and resplendent Japanese garden and pavilion.

How To Reach Japanese Village

The Japanese Village of Ayutthaya is located in the Ko Rein sub-district, in the southern part of the town. One may take a water taxi to reach here.

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