Pune to Aurangabad

   Pune to Aurangabad Road Distance 235 km
   Pune to Aurangabad Aerial Distance 217 km
  Pune to Aurangabad Travel Time 4 hours 35 mins

Pune to Aurangabad - How to reach

How to reach Aurangabad from Pune

Pune and Aurangabad are very well connected by road though flights and trains are less frequent. Both private and government providers run bus services between the two cities, and there are plenty of options to choose from depending on the time and budget. On an average, it takes five hours to reach Aurangabad by road, and overnight trains take a longer route, taking anywhere between 7 and 12 hours.

Popular Routes to Aurangabad

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Pune to Aurangabad 4 hours 35 mins 235 km
Mumbai to Aurangabad 6 hours 13 mins 335 km
Hyderabad to Aurangabad 10 hours 22 mins 541 km
Chennai to Aurangabad 19 hours 31 mins 1,210 km
Delhi to Aurangabad 20 hours 36 mins 1,298 km
Bangalore to Aurangabad 16 hours 17 mins 1,042 km

Popular Routes from Pune

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Pune to Mahabaleshwar 2 hours 48 mins 117 km
Pune to Shirdi 4 hours 13 mins 201 km
Pune to Lonavala 1 hour 13 mins 65.1 km
Pune to Nashik 4 hours 56 mins 209 km
Pune to Goa 7 hours 49 mins 440 km
Pune to Panchgani 2 hours 13 mins 98.4 km

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