Nightlife in Ubud: 13 top things to do in Ubud at night

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Observe a film at Paradiso Ubud, Wine tasting at Bridges Bali, and traditional dance performances at Ubud Palace Live music may be heard at Laughing Buddha Bar. Enjoy the Dragonfly Village Night Spa, Four Seasons Ubud's fine dining, Mount Batur's spectacular dawn, and many more activities. Despite being contemporary, Ubud's nightlife is cultural. Whatever your preferences, Ubud will satiate your need for pleasure. If you enjoy drinking and live music, you may go to the CP lounge, or if you want to witness dance performances from Ubud's cultural history, you can go to the royal palace. There are plenty of thrilling things to do in Ubud at night if you want adventure, but you are always welcome to go up to majestic Mount Batur and take in the majesty of an early sunrise.

1.  Watch A Traditional Dance at Ubud Palace

Traditional Ubud Dance

The Puri Saren Royal Palace, which is at the top of many tourists' lists in Ubud, is undoubtedly a noteworthy feature of this town. This regal mansion makes a stunning impact next to the Ubud art market. The palace hosts evening cultural events with dancers flaunting their exquisite and extravagant attire, which multiplies the enthusiasm of tourists throughout the day. One of the most enjoyable and calming things to do in Ubud at night is to see the royal palace. One certainly feels like royalty when seeing such graceful performances with one of the world's most stunning structures as a backdrop. The performance is backed by lovely gamelan orchestras.

Timings: 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

2. Wine Tasting at Bridges Bali

Wine tasting at bridges bali

Bridges Bali offers the ideal setting for sipping wine since it is situated in the lap of a verdant river valley. Bridges Bali offers its guests an amazing view of the valley and the river in addition to an upmarket restaurant with a lavish ambience. An ideal evening includes a bottle of wine with this type of view, along with delectable cuisine, music, and wonderful company. Attend their wine-tasting session to learn the finer points of wine tasting.

Timings- 11 AM to 11 PM

3. Listen to Live Music at Laughing Buddha Bar

Live Music at Laughing Buddha Bar

We immediately picture posh clubs and bars when someone mentions "nightlife," as well as pretty much anything that is associated with having a good time. The Laughing Buddha bar is one of the most notable gems in the crown of the city's illustrious nightlife. The pub has some of the most outstanding live bands who perform a variety of music, including rock, fusion, jazz, blues, world music, and some local tunes that will make you jig with ease. The club also holds salsa evenings with fantastic performances, and if you're lucky, you could even catch soloists launching their songs there. They provide a wide range of cuisine, ranging from South Asian to European.

Timings - 8 AM to 12 AM

4. Watch a Movie at Paradiso Ubud

The Paradiso Café is one of the most amazing places to go in Ubud at night if you're a vegan and have a hankering for a movie. Café Paradiso offers its customers a delicious vegan meal that offers the ideal fusion of dining and movies. The newest Hollywood blockbuster or an Indonesian movie may be watched as people eat their organic cuisine and unwind on a recliner. The café offers several creative programs, including writing, dance, and other activities, in addition to having films. Café Paradiso is the place to go if you want to unwind with your family while taking in the nightlife in Ubud.

Timings - 7 AM to 10 PM

5. Enjoy the Night Spa at Dragonfly Village

Night Spa at Dragon Village

The Dragonfly Village is the spot to go in Ubud at night, where you can have a terrific massage and take off the weight in a calming way after having a long day in Ubud, exploring and soaking up all the beauty. The most amazing sensation in the entire world may be felt at the herbal spa in Dragonfly Village. One feels immediate exhilaration while sitting around a bonfire and inhaling those warm oils while surrounded by the stunning Ubud uplands. The steam sauna sessions are also available for participation. All of the herbs utilized are entirely natural and contain strong relaxants that promote renewal and a deeper connection with one's own body.

Timings - 6 PM to 9 PM

6. Fine Dine at Four Seasons Ubud

Four Seasons Ubud

Four Seasons is one of the most romantic locations in Ubud because of the cosy atmosphere it offers while perched on the Sayan ridge adjacent to the river. Dinner at the Four Seasons is the greatest nighttime activity in Ubud out of all the fantastic ones. The speciality of this restaurant, which has a wide selection of gourmet meals and skilled cooks consisting of both western and Indonesian cuisine. However, the restaurant also excels in fusing Western and Indonesian cuisines to create new dishes.

Timings - 7 PM to 10 PM

7.  Enjoy Street Food at Ubud Night Market

Ubud Night Market

A nighttime activity in Ubud for foodies is to attend the neighbourhood night market. Many foods are fried, including tofu, potatoes, greens, and deep-fried bananas, which are truly a speciality of Ubud. The local pork dish Babi Guling must be included on any list of "unique meals." For those who have a sweet craving, there is always the Terang Bulan, another local favourite. These enormous selections of foods may be had for incredibly low prices. A crucial component of Ubud's nightlife is the night market. So grab a seat and start eating.

Timings - 5 PM to 2 AM

8. Attend a Literary Evening or Discussion

Paying a visit to the charming bar Luna, which holds pretty delightful events of spirited talks and book readings, is one of the things to do in Ubud at night whether you're a voracious reader, writer, or just a fan of literature. Along with the general public, many accomplished authors and artists take part in these incredibly entertaining and fascinating talks. When these chats are accompanied by beverages and food, the overall experience is quite different. You want to return often because of the setting's ambiance and cosiness.

9. Enjoy Refreshing Drinks and Dance at Famous Bars

Several pubs and clubs in Ubud provide delicious beverages and have hip music. Sometimes unwinding entails nothing more than dancing your heart out! Ubud has made sure that its guests enjoy amazing beverages and dancing in addition to its cultural legacy. Naturally, several pubs serve exquisite meals and these two divine relaxants.

10. Have Dinner at Mozaic


Mozaic recreates a vintage French atmosphere by setting the tone in the lush, green gardens with wonderful ambience and subdued lighting. The French-themed restaurant Mozaic, which is situated in the centre of Ubud, offers a menu that combines French cuisine with regional specialities. The success of this lovely restaurant is a direct result of the concept and charm of chef Chris Salans. Mozaic makes for the ideal romantic getaway with its expansive open garden views and candlelit dinners. Beautiful chandeliers and other types of lighting can be seen throughout the restaurant's lounge, which enhances the elegance of the French-themed establishment.

Timings - 5 PM to 1 AM

11. Visit the Melting Pot Saloon for a Great Gaming Experience

Melting Point Saloon

A must-do activity at night in Ubud is to go to the melting pot bar, play a game of 8-ball, and show off your pool prowess. The melting pot saloon is a western-style restaurant where you can order pizza, burgers, and beers while listening to music that relaxes your ear and makes you feel the happiest and most content.

The melting pot, which gives tourists a taste of Texas, is a gathering spot for people from all over the world to mingle and have a great time. There are also 8-ball competitions, which are thrilling and exciting. The restaurant's proprietor also organizes cook-offs at which novice chefs compete fiercely to demonstrate their culinary prowess.

Timings - 12 AM to 1 AM

12. Overnight Tours from Ubud

Travel comfortably to east Java and as you ascend at night, gaze up at the blue flame blazing above Mount Ijen's sulphur lake. While travelling, take in the volcanic scenery above Banyuwangi, photograph sulphur miners, and savour three delectable native dishes. You would be provided with transportation services from typical south Bali destinations; transportation is provided door-to-door, round-trip. View the strange blue flame flickering over the crater lake by climbing Mount Ijen. Explore east Java's breathtaking volcanic scenery. You can enjoy a local breakfast, lunch, and supper, getting the authentic taste of Balinese cuisine. Unwind with door-to-door service from popular tourist destinations in south Bali.

13. Overnight Camping

Overnight Tours

For those who want to spend an unforgettable night camping at Mt. Batur, Overnight Camping is available by contacting the various service providers. Then, on top of the volcano, take in the stunning sunsets and sunrises while participating in campfire customs and dining on regional food.

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