Are You Ready To Watch The Most Awaited Man vs Wild Episode Yet?

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has joined the British survivalist, Bear Grylls in the latest episode of Man Vs. Wild, a show which airs on the Discovery Channel. It is a special one time episode as the show was called off-air and only repeat telecasts could be viewed. 

Here is all you need to know about the show!

When and Where Can You View It?

The show is all set to air tonight, August 12th 2019 at 9 pm on 12 discovery network channels. 

Channels where it can be viewed are Discovery, Discovery India, Discovery HD World, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Kids, Discovery Tamil, JEET Prime, JEET Prime HD, Animal Planet, Animal Planet HD World, TLC, TLC HD World.

The PM Modi Man vs Wild full episode will be available in eight different languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali.

Where Was the Episode Shot?

Narendra Modi on Man Vs. Wild

The episode was shot in Uttrakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park with Bear Grylls and Narendra Modi. 

How Can You Take a Sneak Peak of the Show?

The teaser of the show is available on the official Twitter account of Bear Grylls and on Discovery. It will definitely excite you for the full episode tonight. 

What is the Show All About?

The Man vs Wild show is a survival television series featuring host Bear Grylls. It is an adventurous and thrilling show usually set in the wilderness of nature or a remote region where he is left stranded in each episode. 

The show then documents his efforts to survive in the wild by eating snakes, insects and doing extraordinary stunts such as free climbing waterfalls, ice climbing, running through a forest fire, parachuting from helicopters and wrestling alligators. It is a survival of sorts. 

What is the Theme of the Man Vs Wild Episode with Narendra Modi?

Narendra Modi On Man Vs. Wild
While Narendra Modi will learn the basics of survival from Bear Grylls, the two will discuss and ponder upon the world’s leading global issues in today’s time- climate change and wildlife conservation and how there is still a lot more to be done. We will also get an insight on PM Modi’s life changing experiences in the Himalayas when he escaped home to live in the forests away from the mundane life of civilisation.

PM Modi is also going to speak about the Cleanliness drive in India and the efforts launched by his government. 

In the trailer, he says -  “Someone from outside cannot clean my India, the people of India make India clean. Personal hygiene is in the culture of the Indian people. We need to develop the habit of social hygiene. Mahatma Gandhi has done a lot of work on it and recently we are getting good success in this. I believe India will succeed in this very soon.”

Talk about Skills? PM Modi will Learn How to Kill a Tiger from Bear Grylls

A promo shows Bear Grylls teaching Modi how to assemble a makeshift spear weapon with a wooden stick and knife tied to one end which is used to kill or drive away any belligerent tigers. 

“So if a tiger comes, this is your protection,” says Grylls to which Narendra Modi replies that his upbringing does not allow him to take a life.

Bear Grylls will Mention About his Everest Conquest & his Mothers Response to It!

It is not very widely known that Grylls was one amongst the youngest people to climb Mount Everest. About his mother's reaction to him completing his Everest conquest, he mentions-

“I stood on the top of Mount Everest; when I got home, I showed my mother the photo,” he will say. “You know what she said? ‘Why did you not comb your hair? Mothers. Mothers. It’s the same all over the world, eh? Mothers.”

Grylls Response to Working with Global Leaders - before Obama now Modi

Bear Grylls while speaking to ANI said-

“I have had a huge privilege of taking President Obama on a trip to Alaska a few years ago to show him the effects of climate change up close. They were similar, in the sense of being iconic global world leaders, but (trips were in) different terrains. Alaska was very cold, but where we went with Prime Minister Modi was a rainforest, hot and humid. What was similar was that they were there for the same purpose – for driving this message of ‘we have to protect the environment’. We have got to back big conservation projects and look after our world.”

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