'Meghalayan Age Festival' – A Nine Day Event to be Hosted by the Government of Meghalaya

Meghalaya, one of the most beautiful states of North-east India will host the great Meghalayan Age Festival in March this year. The Chief Minister of the state, Conrad Sangma in his recent announcement said that the state will host an iconic tourism event at the picturesque Thadlaskein Lake that aims to brand Meghalaya of its ultimate high-end tourism potential.

Dates and Venue for the Meghalayan Age Festival

The Meghalayan Age festival will be organized by the Department of Tourism of the state and will be held at the Thadlaskeiñ Lake along the Jowai-Silchar-Tripura highway in west Jaintia Hills in the second week of March this year. It is an initiative taken by the state government to promote and boost tourism in the state in a big way and it is just the first step towards their ambitious tourism plan.

Conrad Sangma also mentioned, “We are living in the Meghalayan Era and the world needs to be informed about this. Through this festival, we will brand Meghalaya and invite visitors to experience the state in a different style. We are putting different activities, music and cultural events to make this event a memorable one,” The tentative dates of the festival are said to be on 6th or 7th of March and will be held for a span of nine days.

Highlights of the Gala

Activities at the Festival
According to the statements made by the Chief Minister, the festival will hold the following highlights.
  1. Hot air balloons, caving and glamping activities will be held. 
  2. Though Glamping is being held for the first time, the state government with the help of professionals is putting up 50, 5-star luxury tents that will be equipped with all the five star amenities for all nine days and will leave its visitors with a great experience.
  3. For caving, the government has identified different caves and will attract tourists from the festival.
  4. Also, the state government will announce the achievers of Meghalaya from different fields and will share their stories, relating them with the state’s tourism.
With its first-ever Meghalayan Age Festival the state is set to garner a lot of attention among the travel enthusiasts and will surely witness an increase in the number of tourists because of the activities planned by the government. On the other hand, Meghalaya, popularly known as the abode of clouds is home to many beautiful hills, magnificent lakes, valleys, waterfalls and whatnot. The visitors can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the place along with the festival which helps in enhancing the stay in the state.

This post was published by Harshitha Pudota

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