New Year, New Adventure: 10 Day Adventure Tourism In Jharkhand Starts From January 11

Elegant waterfalls, famous temples, wonderful wildlife and nature in its purest form, Jharkhand doesn't back down when it comes to tourism. To add to Jharkhand's mushrooming tourism, soon, adventure enthusiasts will get a chance to indulge in thrilling and adventurous events in various parts of the state.

10 Day Adventure Tourism In Jharkhand

As part of Jharkhand Tourism Department's initiative, there will be adventure events hosted in different parts of the state in a 10-day event specially curated for adventure lovers wanting to feel that adrenaline rush.

The primary reason to host these events, as stated by the Tourism Director of Jharkhand, Mr Sanjeev K Besra, is to woo travellers towards Jharkhand as they are clearly missing out on this gem of a state. The department has already finalized with the list of operators for over 20 types of adventure activities such as trekking, rappelling, paragliding, rock climbing, dragon boat, jungle safari, cliff jumping, banana boat ride, barefoot skiing, stargazing, paddle boating, kiteboarding, paddle boating, rope course, jungle walks at night time and several more.

10 Day Adventure Tourism In Jharkhand

According to news reports, the regions where the activities are supposed to take place are Ranchi, Betla, Netarhat, and Chandil Dam. Prices and fees for the adventure tourism packages have not been decided yet. This will be done mutually in a conference involving the selected agencies and Jharkhand State Government. Rest assured, the prices will be at their base, cheaper than what other states offer, one of the main reasons why this 10-day affair would attract thousands from all over the country.

Safety is the most important concern when it comes to adventure activities. Jharkhand Tourism Department assures tourists that proper safety measures are being taken for the upcoming events. The selected agencies have also been briefed about the same to ensure that the tourists have the best experience during the course of these 10 days.

Needless to say, the locals and people living in nearby states are excited about this event. Jharkhand offers varied geological conditions and climates. It's no surprise that the state is a great destination for adventure sports.

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