7 Gardens in Wellington Worth A Visit

Wellington is the best location to get your fix of beautiful walkways and gardens. Likewise, with numerous spots in New Zealand, you'll find it difficult to decide about parks, nurseries, and nature holds. Enjoy the gardens in Wellington in a truly amazing view by adding these seven spots to your movement plan.

Here are some of the best gardens in Wellington to stroll through!

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1. Wellington's Central Park 

Within walking distance of downtown Wellington, you'll locate the main spot, suitably named Central Park. Local people and tourists share the same love for this recreation center's blend of nurseries, jungle gyms, green fields, common forest, and local shrubbery. Its vegetation incorporates deciduous trees, pines, eucalyptus trees, and a variety of local species. 

2. The Botanic Garden 

The Wellington Botanic Garden exhibits a wide range of blossoms, trees, succulents, and vegetation from New Zealand and the world and is one of the best gardens in Wellington. The most seasoned tree in the nursery, a contorted hīnau, is over 200 years of age – and there are others in their assortment that date as far back as the 1860s. Likewise, on the rundown of enamouring attractions are the Peace Garden, the Begonia House, the Lady Norwood Rose Garden, and the Carter Observatory. 

3. Truby King Park 

A memorable house, nursery, park, and catacomb are bound in this one space. The Truby King Park is a legacy home. It used to be Sir Frederic Truby King and Lady Isabella Truby King's home, famous for establishing the Plunket Society. Alongside being a pioneer in youngsters' medical care, Sir Truby King was a significant sharp nursery worker – he's especially to thank for the assortment of plants and blossoms that guests can unreservedly get to the present time. 
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4. Mount Victoria 

Mount Victoria is presumably the most eminent point in the district. Its eastern area, not very far away from Wellington centre, makes it a famous spot for local people and travellers to see the breathtaking perspectives. Mount Victoria's strolling and cycling tracks are overflowing with pine trees and greenery to respect as well. 

5. Otari-Wilton's Bush 

Otherwise called the Otari Native Botanic Garden and Wilton's Bush Reserve, this is the lone public nursery in New Zealand that is altogether devoted to local vegetation. The section is free for all guests, who will have the option to see a portion of Wellington's most established trees (one of which is 800 years of age) just as 100 hectares of backwoods. On account of its rich, local assortment, Otari-Wilton's Bush is delegated a Garden of International Significance by the New Zealand Gardening Trust. 

6. George Denton Park and Polhill Reserve 

The George Denton Park and Polhill Reserve is one of the best gardens in Wellington. The region includes various climbing and cycling tracks, a streaming stream, outing spots, grassed regions, and a jungle gym. In case you're somewhat of a war history buff, the Polhill Reserve is inside strolling distance of Wellington's enemy of airplane World War II weapon emplacements. 
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7. Stellin Memorial Park 

This is one of the gardens in Wellington is a dedication to World II aviator James Stellin, who passed on in France as he attempted to try not to crash his military aircraft into a nearby town. Alongside its fascinating history, the Stellin Memorial Park has a lofty, grassed walkway driving guests to its post. When you arrive at the top, you'll be compensated with ideal 180 degrees views of the Wellington harbour. 

These are some of the best gardens in Wellington that are admired both by locals and tourists. Make sure to visit these spots if you are looking for an escape from the bustling capital streets.

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