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Getting Around in Uruguay

Connectivity within the country is well connected by air but it is expensive. Alternate means of travel is also available within the country, explore the city to find the appropriate means of travel as per your requirement. The roads in Uruguay is well connected and accessible during all types of weather. In order to drive on your own around the city, do not forget to carry an international driving license to do so. Traffic drives on the left. Two main bus lines connect the entire country. Bus and taxi services also operate within the cities. Taxi drivers carry fare charts and take a surcharge for baggage. Metered taxis are available to the city from the airport.

Getting Around Uruguay By Air

Rail network is not present in Uruguay making visitors to take help of local transport to travel around the city and intercity. There are not very many passenger travelling trains connecting the capital city toward the northern parts of Uruguay. There are some visitor transports as well however they don't have any settled timetable. It then turns out to be imperative to discover the schedules for them at the Montevideo train station so as to travel through them.

Getting Around Uruguay By Other

A dense network of rivers covers the Uruguayan territory.æThese rivers and their tributaries are of utmost importance as communications routes. High-speed ferries operate between Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo, the chief port of Uruguay. Uruguay's ports make it very easily accessible through waterways thus many people prefer travelling through ferries when it comes to intercity travel.

Getting Around Uruguay By Rail

Local Transport - Taxis and cabs are metered and run between 6 am to 10 pm. On Sundays and holidays, the fare is subjected to rise by 20%. Luggage can be carried along at nominal charges and travellers usually tip the driver by rounding off the fare amount to the nearest 10 pesos. City bus service is excellent in Montevideo and other urban areas, while minibuses form the backbone of the local transit network in smaller coastal towns.

Getting Around Uruguay By Road

BUS - Buses are considered to be one of the most comfortable option to commute within the city. The fares are government-regulated and are feasible enough for short distances. Many of the bus service companies offer free wifi on board. The terminals are within reach of the travellers and reservations are not required except during holiday season. Most towns with central bus terminals have a reasonably priced left-luggage facility.

Getting Around Uruguay By Water

Flights within Uruguay is plenty but expensive. People here usually avoid using airways to travel intercity due to the high cost and well build roads which serve as a cheap alternative. Pluna was Uruguay's national airline which got closed down in 2012, this led to monopoly among the local players thus making the fare rise.

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