Uruguay Travel Guide

Continent: South America

Uruguay Travel Essentials

Ideal Duration: 5-7 days for exploring Montevideo and Punta del Este; longer for a more relaxed exploration of Colonia del Sacramento and Uruguay's coastline

Currency: Uruguayan Peso (UYU ($U))

Best Time: October to March (Warmer months) Read More

Accommodation Cost (per night in USD):
Dorm bed: $10-20
Budget: $30-60
Mid-range: $80-120
Luxury: $150 and above

Budget for Food & Drinks (per day in USD):
Budget: $10-20
Mid-range: $30-50

Visa Policy for Indians:
Visa not required for short stays

Visa Policy for Other Nationals:
Visa not required for many countries for short stays

Getting In Uruguay:
Carrasco International Airport (MVD) in Montevideo, Capitán de Corbeta Carlos A Curbelo International Airport (PDP) in Punta del Este Read More

Getting Around Uruguay: Buses, taxis, rental cars Read More

"An Oasis of Peace"

Uruguay Tourism

Uruguay is a country located in South America surrounded by Argentina nad Brazil on sides. The country is rich in flora and fauna and you will get to see the most amazing beaches here. Over half of the country's population lives in the capital city Montevideo making it the most populated city in the country. The celebrations and festivals are considered to be the main attractions of Uruguay. From legalising the production and use of marijuana to being one of the most literate countries in the world, Uruguay offers you experiences of all kind.

Best time to visit Uruguay

As it is a year-round destination, there is no best time to visit Uruguay. Every season offers you something unique and remains as a good-to-go destination. Since the country experiences a humid subtropical climate, the weather remains uniform nationwide.  Spring is regarded as the best time to... (Read More)

Holidify's opinion on Travel to Uruguay

What's Great about Travelling to Uruguay?

Home of South America's most glamorous resorts, Bunch of outdoor activities, Carnivals and other interesting festivals, Chilling with sea lions, Beach-hopping, wine tasting, calm & peaceful atmosphere.

What's Not So Great about Travelling to Uruguay?

Expensive cost of living, slow life, trash piles around the city, language difficulty and extreme summers.

Who should Travel to Uruguay?

Beach lovers, People interested in Football, Heritage, Carnivals and Wine, Individuals, Friends (Group trips)

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Exchanging Money in Uruguay

Money canÊbe converted to peso at Banks, Hotels and money exchange bureau (Cambio). You are not required to show an ID and won't be charged any commission. The best rates are given for US dollars and Euro for that matter. Do not exchange money at the airports; they tend to give you very bad rates. Try not to exchange money in the posher neighbourhoods; they too tend to give low rates. ATMs dispense Uruguayan pesos and US dollars as well. The Uruguayan govt is also offering all tourists the 22% VAT back directly when you pay with your credit card.

Nightlife in Uruguay

The nightlife is not that happening like those in Buenos Aires, but Montevideo does have a decent number of local bars and clubs to enjoy late nights. Nightlife starts late in Montevideo with people eating their dinners by 10 pm. Therefore, clubbing begins by 11 pm, and that may go on till 4-5 am in the morning. Montevideo possesses rich cultural life especially when it comes to its size but do not forget many performances are in Spanish only. La Ronda is a hip bar along La Rambla which is one of the favourites among the Montevideo's crowd. The Mexican food is fantastic, and the music will set the atmosphere peaceful and calm. As far as clubs are concerned following are the popular ones - Bar Fun Fun, HEY Chopp, Lotus & W Lounge. If you want to enjoy live music, you have a few options too.

Shopping in Uruguay

Montevideo, Punta del Este and Colonia del Sacramento are among the best places to shop. Suede jackets, amethyst jewellery and paintings are specialities of Uruguay. On Sunday mornings, shopping in Tristan Narvaja Market can yield some priceless antiques. There are many antique shops in Old Town. Equally amazing and electric is the Saturday Flea Market held in Plaza Constitution in Old Town. One can shop special Uruguyuan handicrafts from the Montevideo's ports. Shops are open from 9 am to 12 noon and 2 pm-5 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday. Big shopping malls remain open daily from 10 am to 12 pm.

Festivals of Uruguay

Uruguay has a very rich and vibrant culture encompassing numerous festivals and events with it. The biggest carnival that is celebrated in Uruguay is in the capital city Montevideo during Feb- March and that can last up to 2 months. Also, it is considered as the longest carnival in south America. Along the carnival, there are many dance parades in the street, street stages and artist contest going on side by side. Candombe is a unique musical treat during Carnival time. This is a combined music form that utilises Bantu drumming techniques as well as some European and Tango influences. Uruguayan also celebrates the Easter also known as Holy Week here. If you are a fun loving person, the Uruguayan festivals will have you swaying to their rhythm!

Hygiene in Uruguay

Any kind of vaccinations is not required for Uruguayan travel. Uruguay has a good public-health system. Tap water is generally safe to drink but it is advised to go for packaged drinking water instead. Try to avoid drinks made with tap water and unpasteurized milk. Bugs (like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas) can spread a number of diseases in Uruguay. Many of these diseases cannot be prevented with a vaccine or medicine. So try to cover your skin by wearing full sleeves clothes and use an appropriate insect repellent. Do not forget to carry sunscreen as sun rays are really harmful in Uruguay. Swim only in designated swimming areas. Do not dive into shallow water.

Customs of Uruguay

People in Uruguay have an unconditional love with meat especially Beef. If you don't like beef does not consume it but try to avoid passing negative comments about others who enjoy consuming beef. Such words and comments would be considered as impolite and may offend people around you. When interacting with the people of Uruguay on a daily basis, you don't need to worry they do not get offended as easily as the French! People here are friendly, outgoing, and are known to deliver kisses on the cheek to the close friends of opposite sex while greeting one another. People in Uruguay tend to dress up really nice over meals with friends, family or business meetings so dress up nice for such events. The tradition of arriving late is infused in people here, so no matter where you are eating arrive 40 minutes late than the time mentioned. Dinner is initiated by saying " buen provecho" or perhaps as simple as "salud" before drinking. You should use your utensils to eat everything except bread. As far as sports are concerned, baseball is not the national favourite, nor is American "football." Uruguayans prefer traditional football, which Americans commonly refer to as soccer.

Tips for visiting Uruguay

  • Carry small change with you as very few taxis and shop owners will have change for large denomination bills.
  • As consumption and possession of small amount of marijuana or other drugs for personal use has been decriminalised but their sale is still illegal.
  • Though the city is considered to be safe for solo travellers women should avoid using public transport at night.
  • The cost of medical treatment is very high here so getting a travel insurance is an absolute must, or you will end up paying hefty bills.
  • Try to learn few basic Spanish words to interact as the frequency of people speaking English is quite less in Uruguay.
  • Cash and traveller's cheques are best exchanged at banks or exchange desks, of which there are plenty in major cities.
  • 500g of tobacco is permitted in and out of the country by foreigners which include 400 cigarettes or 50 cigars. Not more than 2 litres of alcohol is allowed.
  • While greeting people around you in Uruguay, you can say "HOLA" (hello) as it is considered appropriate.

Food of Uruguay

Uruguayan food is quite similar to Argentine cuisine, both the countries are fiercely carnivorous, so it will be difficult to find vegan food for vegetarians. Beef and Meat Preparations are loved by the locals and you may find different recipes of them in restaurants. Few of the specialities are Bife de chorizo, Asado de Tira, Chivito and Chaja for desserts. One of the most common kinds of restaurants is parrilladasÊ(grill-rooms), where they have huge racks of beef sizzle over hot coals. Italian food like Pizza & Pasta is also popular while seafood is excellent along with the Atlantic Coast. Uruguayan wine is pretty good too and you may also find their personal brand of whisky which is Dunbar which is considered to be nation's favourite.

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FAQs on Uruguay

How to reach Uruguay from India?

You can travel to Montevideo, Uruguay through the air by booking flights from any of the major airports in India. There are daily flights from New Delhi to Uruguay and approximate travel time is 20 hrs and 5 min. Mostly the flights are with halts and it is difficult to find nonstop flights. Airlines such as Qatar Airways, Fly Emirates, Etihad Airways and Air France are few of those which provides regular connectivity. Most of the flights take around 40 hrs to reach the destination with stops in between at Doha, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo etc. It is advised to get the right travel insurance while travelling such great distances.


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