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What is the best time to visit Uruguay?

As it is a year-round destination, there is no best time to visit Uruguay. Every season offers you something unique and remains as a good-to-go destination. Since the country experiences a humid subtropical climate, the weather remains uniform nationwide.  Spring is regarded as the best time to visit Uruguay if you are not a beach person. During this time, the weather is pleasant & windy and attracts tourists from all over the world. If you love the beaches the sunny summers, starting from October, and running through March, is one of the best times to visit the country, particularly, its coastal areas. The restaurants near beaches start re-opening from this month and exploring the beaches will be great at this time. One can go for Whale Watching and you may spot one as they come to the southern part of the Uruguay coast to breed annually. The capital city Montevideo remains pleasantly warm and the beaches are quieter than in December. Many beaches close as the country slips into autumn. The intermediate seasons of Autumn (April - May), and Spring (September) are a good time to visit Uruguay, but the winds of the Atlantic Ocean spells of rains and thunderstorms at times. Winter, begins in June and runs through August. The season, though mild, is unstable - it gets cold sometimes, and rains are common. 

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Seasons in Uruguay

High Season
The summers of December, January, February, and March, are some of the busiest months in Uruguay. Although rains are frequent throughout the year, these months are the driest,  and an ample amount of sunshine is in store for beach lovers. 

This is an excellent time to enjoy activities like snorkelling, surfing, and diving. In the festive period of Christmas and New Years Eve, the beaches are filled up, especially by holidayers from the neighbouring countries of Brazil and Argentina. Invariably, the prices of flights and hotels also shoot up.

Shoulder Season
October, November, April, and May, regarded as the shoulder season in Uruguay, is ideal both for holidayers seeking a beach hermitage, and those interested in exploring the cultural and historical side of the country. 

The sea is generally warm, and ideal for activities like swimming and snorkelling. But, with the wake of autumn, that is on April, many resorts and restaurants are closed down. This is due to the rainfall and rising sea levels. These begin to reopen by October. 

However, for most of the time, the temperatures and climate remain favourable to enjoy the beach. The high-grade hotels and resorts at the remain open, and the accommodation and travel prices work on your favour. If you are focussed on exploring cities and historic sites, there would be no trouble coming in the way.

Low Season
The winter months from June to September is a low tourist season in Uruguay, but that is because many tourists come here for holidaying in the beach. The winters of Uruguay are wet and cold at certain times. 

But it not a bad time to travel, especially if your interest lay on the cultural side.  Towns like Montevideo, Salto, Colonia del Sacramento and Punta del Este, known for their history, as well as the glitzy nightlife and high-end hotels, can be visited all year round. Whale sighting is also a major attraction during this time.

Regions in Uruguay

Greater Montevideo Region
The best time to travel here is in the summers, as beaches are one of the major attractions in the region. Also, Christmas and the annual carnival falls in the season. Treater Montevideo region, located in the east of Uruguay, is a treasure-trove of beaches, dunes, forests, and lagoons. With the country's capital city, Montevideo, located in this region, this part of the country is the most developed and sees a high number of tourists. But if you plan to visit in a slightly offseason, that is during the shoulder season; you could enjoy the beauty of the place at half the price. In Winter, even though you cannot enjoy the beaches, you can comfortably explore the historical and cultural sites.

Littoral Region
Located in the Uruguay - Argentina, Littoral Region in western Uruguay is known for cheese, wine, and dulce de leche. So, for culinary explorers, this is an ideal spot for holidaying. This part of the country comes with small river towns and colonial cities, which makes it a perfect slow-paced retreat. The hot springs of Salto are a significant highlight. Travellers in winter can make the best of their holiday in the Western region. However, during the other seasons, one can comfortably visit this part of the country. 

The Interior Region
An ideal time to visit this region is during the Spring-Summer season. Rolling hills, ranches, lakes, and fascinating history makes Uruguay's Interior Region a lovely holidaying spot. This part, located in central Uruguay, is known for having its colourful, Gaucho lifestyle, and ideal if you wish to explore the culture of the country. Avoid this place during the rains, especially in autumn and winter, as it would be challenging to enjoy lakesides, go hiking and caving, or ride a horse if the downpour is incessant. 

The Coastal Region
Towards the North of the Atlantic Coast, Uruguay houses some of the best beaches. The region is less crowded than the beaches in the Eastern area, and one can head here for a relaxed holiday.
Summers are the best time to visit this part. However, many shacks, beachfront resorts, and restaurants are closed down during autumn and winter. So, it is suggested that you make a prior reservation, and get information about the place before heading here in the off-seasons.

Summer in Uruguay (December to March)

Summer in Uruguay begins from November and goes until March with hot but pleasant weather. Temperatures oscillate between 25°C to 30°C on most days, but there is breeze throughout to keep it cool. There's ample sunshine for 9-11 hours a day. Due to its temperate oceanic climate, there might be rains and thunderstorms at times, but for most times, the weather is under control. This is the time when the holiday season starts in Uruguay and gets filled with Brazilians and Argentinians in great numbers. The prices of hotels shoot up and especially during Christmas and New Year. The weather starts to warm up as January begins and is the driest time of the year.

The month of January is warmest. This period is considered as the best time for beach lovers and people who are interested in water sports. You can go for horse riding, swimming, windsurfing, body surfing, sunbathing or wine tasting against the backdrop of blue skies. One can enjoy the world-famous carnivals here during this time. Montevideo carnival(Afro-Uruguayan Carnival) takes place in February-March annually and is considered as the longest carnival in South America. There are around 10 beaches in the capital city itself so one can plan to go to the beach and enjoy the sights or walk or cycle the amazing 25 kilometres of unbroken Rambla. A gentle reminder for those who are travelling to Uruguay in summer that most businesses remain closed or operational on limited schedules, as the locals tend to take a break for summer holidays.

Winter in Uruguay (June-September)

Another ideal time to pay a visit to Uruguay is winters, beginning from June and running through September, winters are cold but not freezing. Average hours of sunshine are between 5 - 6 hours. The weather remains chilly and damp during winters. The average temperature ranges between 12 degrees Celsius to 9 degree Celsius, making July the coldest month. Rainfall is equally distributed throughout the year. It is a good time to visit the countryside and the interiors of the city which will provide stunning sight-seeings of the landscapes. Festival of Tango Culture aka Carlos Gardel Week is celebrated in June, one will witness the entire city celebrating, partying and dancing.

Autumn in Uruguay (April -May)

April and May fall into the autumn months in Uruguay. The tourist density is less during autumn, and many resorts and restaurants close to the sea remains closed from April. During this time of the year, the sea around Uruguay is generally at its warmest making a paradise for beach lovers and for those who want to go snorkelling offshore. This is the cheapest time to stay in Uruguay as it is considered as off-season as far as tourists are concerned. The weather generally remains quite warm and sunny. There can be occasional periods of rain and clouds. On May 18 Uruguay commemorates the Battle of Las Piedras with a festival named "Batalla de Las Piedras"

Spring in Uruguay (October to November)

October is considered spring in Uruguay. Similar to autumn, the tourist density is less, but resorts and restaurants by the sea begin to operate full-fledged. The temperatures are comfortable, and there are chances that you will end up with attractive travel deals during this time.
On October 12, Uruguay celebrates Columbus' Day.

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