Best Time To Visit Brazil

What is the best time to visit Brazil?

Brazil is an all year round destination, and the best time to visit Brazil depends mostly on where you plan to go and what you plan to do. There are distinct climatic variations across all the regions of the country with the dry and wet season. However, the months from April to June are an excellent time to visit the country as the weather remains pleasant and evenings are more relaxed along with mild showers in a few parts of the country. August to October is a great time exploring the Pantanal and Rio. November to March is the peak tourist season, which is a great time to hit the beaches in southern Brazil. If you're planning to visit the Amazon, a great time would be from June to September. People generally avoid Brazil during the rainy season, which is considered as the Offseason for Tourism.

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Seasons in Brazil

Peak Season in Brazil
The peak season in Brazil is generally its summer which falls in November to March. This is the time when you can enjoy most of the beach destinations as they are free from any rainfall. Also, the key festivals such as Christmas and the Carnival are celebrated during this time. So, you can guess that Brazil is crowded at this time. The country turns expensive, and you may need to book the hotels and tours way ahead of time if you want to visit Brazil during the summer months. But do note that Southern Brazil, as well as the Amazon, will receive rainfall even during this time. The temperature can also rise to 40 degrees Celsius or more in some parts of the country, and it can be quite humid. A mini peak season can be seen in August when several people do visit Brazil mainly from the Northern Hemisphere. Another mini peak is seen in July when the Brazilians themselves go on tours because of their winter holidays.

Shoulder Season in Brazil
The shoulder season is a time when much tourists aren’t seen at a place, but still, some people are interested in visiting. For Brazil, the months of September and October can fall in this category. These months can be considered as a transition. These months are also suitable for Jaguar spotting in Pantanal. The highest temperature can be anywhere between 26 to 31 degrees Celsius depending on the location. These months can be considered the spring season of Brazil.

Offseason in Brazil
Offseason is the time when tourists do not show up at a place. It is beneficial for those travellers who are on a budget. The Offseason in Brazil is mainly during the times when it rains in the country. This is primarily during the autumn and winter seasons of Brazil. Rain can last from April to July. But this isn’t true for the whole of Brazil as Amazon and Pantanal along with South Brazil are rainier during the summer months. So, the offseason is the best time to have a look at the wildlife and nature of Brazil. If you want to visit the other parts of Brazil during this time, do take your umbrella along with you. A good thing about Brazil is that the temperature remains even throughout the year.

Regions of Brazil

North and East Coast of Brazil
If you visit the Northern part of Brazil, then you will find that it remains warm throughout the year. This is mainly due to its tropical weather. This region generally faces two seasons, the dry and the rainy. People mostly visit from August to February when the place remains dry. Rainfall is usually seen in March till July. Most of the tourists will prefer to visit the coasts as it can get crowded during the peak season. There is also plenty of sea breeze. The average temperature falls between 26 to 30 degree Celsius.

Amazon and Pantanal 
If you are a nature and wildlife person, then you should visit the Amazon and Pantanal region of Brazil. One can visit these regions anytime during the year, and it will have something new for them. But still, if you would like to beat the rains, then the best time to visit Amazon is from June to September. In Pantanal, it rains from December to March, but the dry season is from April to October. The dry season is a great time to explore the wildlife. The temperature does remain consistent all year, and it rarely drops below 20 degrees Celsius.

South Brazil 

If you are someone who wants to visit South Brazil solely for its beauty, then visit it from March to November when it remains dry. During the usual peak season, the place is soggy because of the constant rainfall. If you are someone who would like to see the winters of Rio, then do visit from June to September. The weather will remind you of Europe as it does remain cloudy. The temperature decreases as you move south.

Brazil in January to March

Weather in Brazil
The months of January to March are busy in Brazil due to the massive tourist influx. It is also the time when Brazil is getting ready for its carnival. The northern parts of Brazil are warmer, and people enjoy the coasts. But this time it is wet in the Amazons and Pantanal region and also in South Brazil. The average high temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. Even the northern part of Brazil starts getting rains by the end of March.

Key Events in Brazil
• The New Year’s Eve is an important occasion in Brazil when the whole nation, along with the tourists are busy partying.
• The Rio de Janeiro Carnival takes place in February or early March.
• Celebration of Yemanja takes place in Salvador, and people worship and thank the Goddess of Sea.

Brazil in April and May

Weather in Brazil
April and May is the time when the rainfall finally starts in the Northern and Easter parts of Brazil. The weather becomes cooler than the summer days. It does rain in Amazon and Pantanal as well. But by the end weeks of May, the dry spell will start in Pantanal. South Brazil remains sunny during this time. The Brazilians celebrate Semana Santa or Easter in a beautiful and colourful way on their streets.

Brazil from June to July

Weather in Brazil
June to July is an offseason for the tourists as they do not want to visit the country during its wet season. But along with the rains, people who do visit will get sunny spells as well. The temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius which is quite cooler than the summer months. This is the beginning of the dry season in Amazon and Pantanal where people can spot different animals. South Brazil is also cooler in these winter months.

Brazil in August to October

Weather in Brazil
These are the months when there is a transition from the Winter Season to Summer season in Brazil. It is still dry in Pantanal, but rain comes to the area in late October. It is the onset of the warm days in the coastal regions, and Brazil will have to take in a lot of tourists after these months. So, it is a great time to visit Brazil as it has lesser crowds.

Key Events in Brazil
• Festa do Peao is a Cowboy festival that is held in Sao Paulo every August, and it started in 1955.
• Oktoberfest was started in Brazil by the residents of the German colony, and it is mainly celebrated in the Santa Catarina city.

Brazil in November and December

Weather in Brazil
November and December are considered peak season for tourist in Brazil, so the country is going to be busy. Tourists can especially find huge crowds in cities like Rio de Janeiro. At this time, it mainly rains in the regions of Amazon and Pantanal. Rains can also be seen in Southern Brazil. The temperature remains around 28 to 29 degrees Celsius. Christmas is the key event during this time and people from all over the world come down to celebrate Christmas in Brazil.

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