Places To Visit in Tanzania

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Here are the top 1 tourist places in Tanzania

1. Dar-Es-Salaam

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Places to visit in Tanzania

The city of Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Located along the Swahili coast, this former capital of Tanzania is now an important economic and bureaucratic centre of the country. The city houses the Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange and Tanzania's central bank,...

Best Time: Mid-June to October

FAQs on Tanzania

What is the currency of Tanzania?

Tanzanian Shilling is the currency of Tanzania. Cards like Mastercard and Visa are accepted here but it is recommended that they should only be used as a backup as 10% surcharges are applied. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry cash.

What is the history of Tanzania?

Tanzania is one of the oldest,Êcontinuously inhabited areas on earth. It can be traced back 2 million years and be proved by the fossils found in the Serengeti plain. In later years, the trade centres of coastal region and islands brought in merchant communities from India and China. The European merchant sailors came in the 1400s while the Portuguese were removed by an Afro-Arab army in 1698. Zanzibar, capital Od Sultan of Oman, became the capital of slave trade. By the 19th century, Britain and Germany sent its explorers. Germany ruled from 1886 until the end of Worl War I until Britain took over. After Tanganyika and Zanzibar gained independence in 1964, Tanzania was formed. Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) became the dominant political force under Julius Nyerere from 1964- 1985. Now, Tanzania is a one party dominant country withChamam Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party in power/ The current president, John Pombe Magufuli was sworn into office in 2015.

What is unique about culture of Tanzania?

Tanzanian culture is an amalgamation of African, Arab, European & Indian cultures.Its society places a lot of emphasis on family values and strict morals. Marriages are arranged traditionally, and divorce, albeit legal, is frowned upon. Muslim law permits polygamy, but most people don't opt for it due to the expenses. Tanzania has a history of black magic known as 'Juju'. These are traditional spells, medicines, and cures that are used to cure ailments by the believers. Swahili and English are the official languages. Although, over a 100 different languages are spoken. Major religions practised in Tanzania include Islam, Christianity, and traditional African religions. Some of the other religions practised include Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism.

How is Tanzania divided into regions?

Tanzania can be divided into Central Tanzania, Northeast Tanzania, Northwest Tanzania, Pembwe and the Southeast, Southern Highlands, and Zanzibar.Central Tanzania is a plateau which is where the capital city of Dodma city is located. Kilimanjaro is on the Northeast side of Tanzania. Africas's great lakes flow through Northwest Tanzania.Serengeti National Park is also located here.Pembwe and the Southeast is the hot humid region of Tanzania. It includes the former capital Dar-es-Salaam and most of the country's Indian Ocean coastline. Zanzibar is the coastal island consisting of the beautiful coral reefs.
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