Tanzania Visa

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Tanzania Visa

E-Visas for Tanzania Travellers: Travelers from visa-required countries must obtain an e-visa before entering Tanzania. For tourism, travellers can opt for the Ordinary Visa (Single Entry Visa) which is valid for 90 days for a single entry.

How to Apply for an E-visa:

  • Visit https://visa.immigration.go.tz/ and initiate a new visa application.
  • Select and click "e-Visa Application Form".
  • Upload and attach the required scanned documents.
  • Receive an email containing a User Identification Number to track your application.
  • After filling out the online visa application form, pay the respective visa fee.
  • Submit your application upon successful payment of $50.
  • Upon approval, download the e-visa.

Requirements for Ordinary (Single Entry) Visa:

When applying for an Ordinary Visa, you need to provide the following:
  • A copy of your valid passport (biographic data page).
  • Proof of a return flight ticket.
  • A completed declaration form.
  • Visa fee of 50 USD.
Note: Tanzanian authorities allow visa applications up to six months in advance of your travel date.

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