Places To Visit in Panama

Here are the top 1 tourist places in Panama

1. Panama Lake

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Places to visit in Panama

A tourist gem in eastern Sri Lanka of Helava Wekanda, Panama Lake is a place of interest for spotting crocodiles and migratory birds. The scenic beauty and serene atmosphere around the lake makes it an ideal place to spend quality time amidst nature.

FAQs on Panama

What is the currency of Panama?

PAB and USD have same currency value. So, its sufficient if you pay using USD and carry PAB only if you have to pay a very small sum which includes parking meters, payphones and vending machines. Credit cards are accepted in all major and medium-sized cities. Restaurants and grocery stores also accept credit cards and debit cards. The transaction fee is usually 3 USD.

What is the history of Panama?

After Vasco De Balboa crossed from Atlantic to Pacific across Panama, this voyage helped in establishing Panama as one of the major trading and shipping routes. Though Panama was under Spanish rule initially and later on in 1903, it declared itself as an Independent nation and signed a treaty with the USA according to which the USA gained rights to build a canal that can be used to go across Panama. Panama government was later handed over the canal after its completion in 1999.

What is unique about culture of Panama?

Spanish is the official language of Panama. The Spanish varies quite considerably from Mexican and European Spanish. Sometimes, English is mixed with Spanish and spoken. English is also spoken by many people. The native indigenous languages are - Kuna, Guaymi and Woun Meu. Panamanian culture is a mixture of African and European culture. The majority of the population follow Christianity. Catholic Christians are settled in all levels of the country. Common phrases to know: yes - si, no - no, thank you - gracias, welcome - De nada, please - por favor, hello - hola, goodbye - adios , I don't understand - No entiendo, English - Ingles, Spanish - Espanol, Do you speak - Habla usted? , how are you - Como estas?, good - bien, bad - Mal

How is Panama divided into regions?

Panama is majorly divided into - Central Panama, Caribbean West, Pacific West and Eastern Panama (forest and swamps). The major cities are Panama City (the capital city), Balboa, Boquete (known for adventure), Colon (port for cruise ships), Coronado (Coastal town), Santiago, Portobello, David and Gamboa.
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