Getting Around Panama

Getting Around in Panama

There are various options to get around the city. Buses are the most popular and economical choice. Taxis are also common and offer normal prices . However , taxis that ply from airport cost thrice the normal rate.

Getting Around Panama By Air

Air Panama is a local airline which operates from Marcos Gelabert airport in Albrook. Copa airlines is another competitor which operates out of Tocumen airport in Panama city to David. Private jet operators are Monarch Air group and Mercury jets. It is better to book through registered private jet companies.

Getting Around Panama By Road

There are two types of buses. One is highway buses and the other one is city buses. The highway buses ply frequently to and from Panama to various destinations in the Pan American highway . You can simply hold out your arm and wave at the bus by standing on the side of the road . Buses usually pick or drop at any point that's in the route. If you travel from Panama city , be sure to purchase tickets at the Grand Terminal. The highway buses cost very less ( 1 USD ) and the buses are air conditioned. City buses ( Diabolos Rojos ) are decorated and painted . It costs from 25-50 cents to travel within Panama city and there is no air conditioning. However , it is better to take taxi than city buses as they are infamous for being dangerous. Metrobus has been introduced and metro bus card can be purchased and rate is 2 USD and recharge can be done from 50 cents to 5 dollars . You can also hire taxi to get around the cities and also other off beaten places. Taxi prices are fair and it is advisable to negotiate before you start the ride else the drivers will rip you off. Renting cars are also a common option. Get proper route map and ask any locals for directions.

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