How To Reach Panama

International tourists generally prefer arriving at the country by air as it is the most convenient and time saving means of transport.

Reaching Panama by Air

International flights land at Tocumen International Airport . It lies 20 miles from Panama city . The other one is David airport ( flights from Costa Rica arrive here ) . There is good connectivity of flights to all the neighbouring countries as well as America. From the airport , you can take bus or taxi to get to the city.

Reaching Panama by Bus

There are three entry points if you want to enter Panama from Costa Rica. They are : Pasa Canoas , Panaline and Tibacus. Trip from San Jose in Costa Rica to Panama takes 18 hours. The bus fares are very cheap.

Reaching Panama by Road

From Costa Rica : You can travel by car across Paso Canoas which closes by 11 PM (Panama time ) or 10 PM ( Costa Rica time ) . The border offices are usually scattered and it is better to drive carefully before accidentally crossing. There are helpers who can be hired to assist you with the crossing. It is advisable to use other means of transport from Colombia to Panama as there are no direct buses due to the gap stretching for 50 Kms between the countries ( Darien gap ).

Reaching Panama by Water

Private tour operators provide service between Cartagena in Colombia and Panama. It usually take 4-5 days and there is a stopover for 2 days at San Blas islands. The cheapest way to reach is to travel by ferry from Turbo ( Colombia ) to Capurgana ( Colombia ) and by a small boat from Capurgana to Puerto Obaldia ( Panama ).

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