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1. Beirut

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Places to visit in Lebanon 22
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The repercussions of Civil War have subsided considerably and it seems the Lebanese zest for life and hospitality can have no deterrent. Beirut is a city rich in heritage, architecture and intellect. Recently with its outstanding new hotels, high-octane nightlife and arts quarter, Lebanon's resurrec...

Best Time: April to November

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FAQs on Lebanon

What is the currency of Lebanon?

The official currency of Lebanon is the Lebanese Pound or the Lebanese lira. Frequently used denominations in terms of bank notes are LBP 1000, LBP 5,000, LBP 10,000, LBP 20,000, LBP 50,000 and LBP 100,000. In terms of foreign currency, US dollars are very widely accepted. Several high-end chains even quote their prices only in US dollars!

What is the history of Lebanon?

Initially, Lebanon and Syria had been one political entity, under the Ottoman Empire. However, after World War I, France was given the League of Nations mandate over Lebanon as well as Syria. France was responsible for dividing them into two areas. For 20 whole years, Lebanon was under their rule. However, they proclaimed independence on 26 November 1941. All the French troops were completely evacuated from the country only in 1946. In 1958, Civil War took place, as a protest against the Lebanese government. Troops were later sent over to restore the authority of the Government.

What is unique about culture of Lebanon?

Lebanese culture has been subjected to a lot of change in the past. Today, it is a highly family-oriented culture. The people are not withdrawn, but very gregarious. Religion is greatly respected and not to be made fun of, as it is an important aspect of all their lives. There are a couple of different religions followed by the Lebanese. The most common religious sects are Muslims, followed by Druze and Christians. Arabic is the official language of Lebanon. Their second language is French, followed by English.

How is Lebanon divided into regions?

Lebanon's regions include five areas. Beirut, Bekaa, Mount Lebanon, North Lebanon and South Lebanon. Beirut is the capital of the country and is the largest city. Bekaa has been labelled 'the bread basket' of Lebanon and must be visited for its wineries and agricultural lifestyle. Mount Lebanon is apt for adventure enthusiasts, with snow mountains as well as rocky terrain for biking. North Lebanon is filled with historical spots and is home to a beautiful ski resort while South Lebanon has archaeological delights in the form of ruins and ancient biblical sites.
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