Best Time To Visit Lebanon

What is the best time to visit Lebanon?

This is Lebanon's summer period and the best time to visit. The beaches simply beckon to you then and the weather is bright and warm, making outdoor activities not only possible, but something you can look forward to. The nightlife is also supposed to be better during the summer.

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December - March (Winter)

Winters here are relatively mild, with the days being warm and the nights, cool. It is also not very crowded during this time, as peak tourist season would have ended. Winter sports also begin in full force, making it even more enjoyable.

April - May (Spring)

Spring brings with its pleasant weather and happy faces. You will find snow-capped mountains co-existing with colourful, blooming flowers. Spring also presents you with trekking and hiking opportunities. This is also a very good time to visit the country.

June - September (Summer)

Summers in Lebanon are filled with fun and activities. Beach parties, cultural events, outdoor activities and more are some of the things on offer. The skies are always clear, and the weather is warm and comfortable.

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