Getting Around in Germany

For traveling extensively via rail, a BahnCard or rail pass may be is recommended for lower prices and discounts. A German Rail Pass permits unlimited travel throughout Germany in all trains on 3-10 days within a period of 1 month. Sparpreis are also an option as they are low-cost one-way tickets that cost from —19 for journeys up to 250 km. A Preis Finder can be used to find the cheapest Sparpreis for your journey. Another discount available to groups of six or more people is through Gruppe&Spar. A 50-70% discount can be availed depending on the demand. Children up to fourteen years of age can travel free when accompanied by an adult relative.

Getting Around Germany By Air

While trains are preferred over flights in terms of domestic travel, a number of airlines operate within Germany - connecting all major and minor cities. Major airlines operating on domestic routes: Lufthansa (connecting Frankfurt, Munich and Dôsseldorf to other places); germanwings/eurowings (for low prices); Air Berlin; Cirrus Airlines (for small business travel routes); OLT and InterSky.

Getting Around Germany By Rail

Germany has an efficient, fast and exceedingly affordable railway network that touches almost all parts of the country. Major regional and local trains in Germany: IRE (InterRegioExpress); RE (Regional-Express); RB (Regional-Bahn) and S-Bahn. These are best for daily commute and to cover short distances. Budget railway options: L'Tur L'Tur offers long-distance tickets for —26 for certain trains. For foreigners only tickets booked through a credit card are valid. HKX, the Hamburg-K_ln-Express - as fast as IC trains but only runs between Hamburg and Cologne via Dôsseldorf.

Getting Around Germany By Road

Bus: Major bus operators include: FliXBUS - which connects most towns and cities in Germany, as well as international cities in neighboring countries. MeinFernbus - coaches connecting large cities with both secluded/remote areas like Jever/Schortens/Wittmund and international holiday areas. BerlinLinienBus - goes from and to Berlin. EuroLines and Megabus have a large domestic network and offer international services as well. Cars on fire and carpool are also options available in most cities. One-way rentals (within Germany) are generally allowed without an additional fee. These cars are generally stick-shift cars, so automatic cars have to be requested specifically.

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