Getting Around France

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Getting Around in France

Getting around France is an easy affair with plenty of options available for commuting. There are options of train, taxi, plane, bus and ferry to travel within the country. The railways network and the road network are well developed in the country.

Getting Around France By Air

Domestic air travel in France proves to be quite convenient and efficient with flights all over France. Air France is the main airlines that connect towns and cities within the country. easyJet, Ryanair and Air Corsica are other option for flying. There are flights from Paris to Cote dêAzure and the southwest area of France.

Getting Around France By Rail

Societe Nationale de Chemins de Fer, also known as the SNCF is one of the best and efficient rail network of France. Complicated and with well-organized timetables, this rail system with the help of different colours indicate the high and low traffic periods. There are several passes available for the convenience of the visitors including InterRail One-Country Pass that offers travel for three, four, six and eight days in one month within the country. Other than that there is also Eurail France Pass offering a travel for three, four, five and eight days within France. This pass is available only to non-Eu nationals from Eurail.

Getting Around France By Road

The option of travelling by road within France should be your secondary one and should be used only when visiting out of town destinations. The bus services by SNCF accept the rail passes. •Gare routiereê is the French term used for the bus station. The road network in France is brilliant; however, it is quite expensive to travel by car owing to the high toll taxes and high petrol and rental charges. In addition, to drive around the country one requires an International Driving Permit (IDP) from your local automobile association. An IDP is valid only with your original driving license.

Getting Around France By Water

Travelling by water within France is also one of the main commuting options with several rivers routes and navigable canals offering excellent facilities. Houseboats are available for rent between four and twelve people for a weekend. There are river shuttles that operate within cities.

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