China Visa

China Visa

There is no visa on arrival for any country in China while there are three countries that get the complete exemption from visa for 15 days. Applicants from all other nations or for all other categories must submit their application to the Visa Office of Chinese Embassy, Consulate General or authorised visa centre based in your city or country. Pay your visa fee at the Visa Office and pick up your visa personally. It takes four working days for visa application processing. The visa fee depends on the type and duration of visa required. The fee ranges from free to CNY 900 plus service charges.


Visa Policy for Indians

As an Indian citizen, one needs to obtain a pre-arranged visa before travelling to the country. There are options of applying for Tourist and Transit Visa before your trip. The applicant has to submit the visa application at Chinese Embassy, Consulate General or authorised visa centres based in various India cities. The visa fee for Indian citizen ranges between INR 2000 to INR 6300 depending upon the type of visa and number of entries in China. One has to submit the application form along with fees at the embassy.

Visa for Indians - Fee & Requirements

Passport of applicant with at least six months remaining validity and available blank pages for visa stamp

Countries that do not need a Visa for China

Singapore, Brunei and Japan

Places to Visit In China

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