Getting Around Argentina

Getting Around in Argentina

Getting around Argentina is in general quite expensive when compared to other South American nations. Most people choose flying or travelling by a bus, however the country has a few options for budget travel. Tourists can opt to travel via train for getting around or choose the state operated airline LADE, both these options are inexpensive due to subsidised rates.

Getting Around Argentina By Air

Airways is the fastest yet expensive option for getting around, but considering the size of the country and huge distances between destinations, it is also the most preferred option to save time over money. The rates are expensive due to lack of internal competition amongst carriers and different fares for foreigners which almost double from that of locals. The country's major airline carriers are AerolÕneas Argentina's and LAN, and when planning your trip on a budget travel, make sure that you book well in advance and look for their special passes which are an excellent value for money. The state-owned airline LADE is quite cheap, sometimes even cheaper than a bus and connects some small locations in the south such as Ushuaia, El Calafate and Bariloche. However, these flights usually get delayed so you must keep that into consideration if you have a time constraint.

Getting Around Argentina By Rail

Railways are the cheapest form of transport in the country, and it also offers some of the best views of varied landscapes. Argentina's rail network might not be as extensive as India's but still connects a few cities and location in and around Buenos Aires such as Tucuman, Cordoba, Rosario, Bahia Blanca and Mar del Plata. However, the destinations are limited, and the train journey is time taking when compared to intercity buses. There are few fantastic tourist trains such as La Trochita in Patagonia, the Southern Fuegian Railway in Tierra del Fuego National Park and Tren a las nubes or Train to the Clouds in Salta, operating at an enormous altitude of 4220 meters.

Getting Around Argentina By Road

The country has a well developed bus network making it the most popular mode of transport. Considering the vast size of the country, the trips are quite long but also very comfortable and makes for excellent way of exploring the countryside for the travellers. Almost all long distance bus services will have food on board and some sort of en route entertainment, but you must check this with your bus company. There are three classes of buses available which can be booked online as well, Cama suite with completely reclining seats, Semi-Camas with partially reclining seats and Servicio ComÏn without reclining seats. Car rentals are easily available throughout the country but are very expensive when compared to other options. Tourists generally opt for car rental in Patagonia to explore its natural beauty.

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