Best Time To Visit Argentina

What is the best time to visit Argentina?

The varied climatic conditions throughout Argentina make it an all year round destination as there will be some or the other region ideal for exploring at any time of the year. Cherish the scenic beauty of Patagonia in the months of December to March, when the region is at its best and sees loads of visitors. The fascinating metropolis of Buenos Aires, which almost every tourist will have in his or her itinerary is ideal for visiting in the months of March to May. The temperature is pleasant for exploring the city during these months and also during the spring season from September to November.

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December - March (Summer)

The summer season in Argentina is the best time to visit Patagonia and climbing the Andean peaks. Characterised by warm and long days, the beaches and resorts are all packed with tourists and locals on vacation making it a peak tourist season and the most expensive as well. Buenos Aires gets sweltering during this period, and the lowland parts of North should be avoided.

April - May (Autumn)

The autumn is the perfect time for exploring the wine yards of Mendoza and San Juan provinces. It is also a very good time to get yourself acquainted with wine harvesting and viticulture. The period is also ideal for spotting wildlife in the Ibera wetlands in the northeast.

June - August (Winter)

Winter months are the best time to visit the Iguazu fall and the Northwest region of the country. The cool weather also makes for an ideal time to explore Buenos Aires, but the top favoured activity is heading to the ski resorts. July is also the winter vacation month for Argentines, and things can get quite busy during this month. Heavy snowfall in the south during this period often leads to blocked routes and cuts off the town in Patagonia, so visitors avoid visiting the southern region.

September - November (Spring)

Argentine spring with its mild temperature is a good time to explore many parts of the country. These months are the best for wildlife spotting in Valdes Peninsula and for visiting the lush green Lake District.

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