Places to Visit Near Karjat

Here is the list of 18 Places to Visit Near Karjat

1. Alibag, Maharashtra - Coconut groves and Sandy Beaches

Alibag, Maharashtra - Coconut groves and Sandy Beaches
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Known For : Alibaug Beach Kolaba Fort Water Sports in Alibaug

A little coastal town tucked away in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Alibaug is a very popular weekend getaway holiday destination and has earned itself the name of 'mini-Goa', owing to the high tourist footfall all year round. Steeped in colonial history, Alibaug is a quaint little town located about 110 kilometres from Mumbai, and is replete with sandy beaches, clean unpolluted air and plenty of forts and temples, ensuring that despite being a small town, you never run out of activities to do.

Distance from Karjat: 74 km

Best Time: November to March

29 Alibag Attractions

2. Zenith Waterfalls, Karjat

Zenith Waterfalls, Karjat

Situated in Khopoli near Karjat, Zenith Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfall sites in Maharashtra. The waterfalls can be reached through a short trek between ridges and troughs an narrow pathways.

Distance from Karjat: 22 km

3. Satara

5.0 /5

Known For : Pratapgad Fort Thoseghar Falls Vajrai Falls

Located in Western Maharashtra, Satara is one of the historical cities of the state and the headquarters of Satara district. The city gets its name from the seven (Saat) hills (Tara) that envelope Satara. This historic site of Maratha Kingdom is located near the confluence of Krishna and its tributary Venna. Satara was established in the 16th century and had the honour of being the seat of Chatrapati Shahu, Raja of Satara.

Distance from Karjat: 206 km

16 Satara Attractions

4. Kashid, Maharashtra - Sandy Beaches With Whispering Casuarinas

Kashid, Maharashtra - Sandy Beaches With Whispering Casuarinas
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Known For : Kashid Beach Murud Janjira Fort Phansad Bird Sanctuary

A Beach town, popular for its white sand and blue seas situated in Konkan region of Maharashtra, Kashid is the perfect destination for a quiet weekend getaway from Mumbai. A soothing and calm place in nature's lap, Kashid is mildly enchanting with its quiet environment and picturesque location. This beach town is known also for its majestic mountains and whispering Casuarinas. 

Distance from Karjat: 104 km

Best Time: October to March

7 Kashid Attractions

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5. Peth Fort, Karjat

Peth Fort, Karjat
3.5 /5

Kothaligad is a small fort to the east of Karjat on the Karjat-Murbad road. It is called Peth fort because of its vicinity to the Peth Village. It is famous in Karjat for treks because it is small in height and easy to climb. There is also a cave and a small temple at the base of the fort.

Distance from Karjat: 78 km

6. Wai, Panchgani

Wai, Panchgani
3.2 /5

Wai, located on the banks of Krishna river, is a small city near Panchgani. Known for its seven ghats, Wai also has quite a few temples around. Pandhavgarh fort is another nearby attraction which is know for its trek.

Distance from Karjat: 182 km

7. Dapoli, Maharashtra

Dapoli, Maharashtra
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Known For : Harnai Port Unhavare - Hot springs Panhalakaji Caves

Dapoli, situated 215km away from Mumbai is popular tourist destination that serves the needs of all kinds of travelers. It is known as mini-Mahabaleshwar of Maharashtra owing to its cool climate throughout the year. It is located in the Ratnagiri district and is a famous Konkan hill station. It is a small town packed with attractions from historic forts, temples, pristine beaches and lush vegetation surrounding all of it, making it a recent favorite for weekend destination travelers.

Distance from Karjat: 191 km

Best Time: June to September

14 Dapoli Attractions

8. Lonavala, Maharashtra - Misty Weekend Getaway

Lonavala, Maharashtra - Misty Weekend Getaway
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Known For : Tiger's Leap Rajmachi Fort Imagicaa

Popular hill station close to Pune and Mumbai, Lonavla is the place to be during monsoons. With lots of waterfalls, lakes and hills around, Lonavala is frequented by all sorts of people, especially hikers and trekkers. Lonavala, being a part of the Sahyadri hills, offers an alluring and bewitching experience of nature's most gifted region. Surrounded by dense forests, waterfalls, dam alongside lakes, Lonavala is a must-visit if you admire nature and want a gateway to having a soulful weekend or a good trip.

Distance from Karjat: 33 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

41 Lonavala Attractions

9. Raigad, Maharashtra

Raigad, Maharashtra
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Known For : Raigad Fort Diveagar Beach Jagadishwar Temple

Raigad, is a historically rich district is situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Located at 2,851mts, it is surrounded by Mumbai Harbour, Thane, Pune, Ratnagiri and the Arabian Sea.Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, renowned Maratha ruler, won this place in 1656 and his Maratha kingdom thus shifted base to Raigad. His prized win, the Raigad Fort is one of the main attractions of this place. 

Distance from Karjat: 62 km

Best Time: November to March

5 Raigad Attractions

10. Ganpatipule, Maharashtra - A Ganesha Temple amidst White Sandy Beaches

Ganpatipule, Maharashtra - A Ganesha Temple amidst White Sandy Beaches
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Known For : Jaigad Fort Water Sports in Ganapatipule Swayambhu Ganpati Temple

Beach town on the Konkan coastline, Ganpatipule has temples of Lord Ganesha as major attractions apart from the beautiful virgin beaches. Ganpatipule is a small town in the Ratnagiri district in Konkan region with a long stretch of pristine beaches, Ganpatipule is a perfect idyllic getaway in the slip of nature. Confluence of beach with river could be witnessed along with a hill shaped like Ganpati, the Hindu God of worship. 

Distance from Karjat: 300 km

Best Time: November to February

9 Ganapatipule Attractions

11. Kothligad Trek, Karjat

Kothligad Trek, Karjat
3.5 /5

Kothligad (or Peth) is a hill fort in Maharashtra. It is located at a modest elevation of 1500 feet in the Raigad district of the state. The pinnacle of the fort is shaped in the form of a vertical funnel, lending it a peculiar look. There are caves carved out of huge rocks at the top of the fort, alongside a pond perfectly square in shape. There are cisterns of water within the fort. 

Distance from Karjat: 27 km

12. Harihareshwar, Maharashtra - Dakshin Kashi

Harihareshwar, Maharashtra - Dakshin Kashi
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Known For : Harihareshwar Beach Kalbhairav Temple Ganesh Gully

Surrounded by four hills and with river Savitri flowing through the town, Harihareshwar is famous for its temple of Lord Harihareshwar and is a popular weekend beach destination especially for people in Mumbai and Pune. Harihareshwar comes across as a pleasant surprise with some of the most peaceful and beautiful beaches along the Konkan Coast. The nearby Pushpadri hill and surrounding dense woods only make the beaches more attractive. 

Distance from Karjat: 156 km

Best Time: October to March

8 Harihareshwar Attractions

13. Khopoli, Karjat

Khopoli, Karjat

Situated between midway between Mumbai and Pune, Khopoli is a hidden gem in the state of Maharashtra which is mainly known for its Imagica Water Park. Nestled at the base of the verdant green Sahyadris, the small town is home to dense woods, amazing theme parks, blooming gardens, mesmerising waterfalls and ancient temples, which also makes it one of the most popular weekend getaways from the adjoining cities. 

Distance from Karjat: 19 km

14. Kothaligad, Karjat

Kothaligad, Karjat

The area around Mumbai and Pune and is flooded with majestic hill forts boasting of sweeping panoramic vistas and picturesque ruins of the former structures. One of these equally magnificent hill forts is Kothaligad, situated at 3000 ft. above sea level and located east to the town of Karjat in Maharashtra. Although relatively small in size, the fort offers one of the famous trekking trails in the area. Also known as ‘Fort of Peth’ because of its vicinity to the village of Peth, Kothaligad has a lot to offer to the tourists. From bounteous nature to marvellous surroundings and enchanting views of the valley, you will definitely be left awestruck at the overall splendour of the place.

Distance from Karjat: 27 km

15. Lavasa, Maharashtra - India's first planned hill city

Lavasa, Maharashtra - India's first planned hill city
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Known For : Sightseeing in Lavasa Lakeside Promenade Bamboosa

Known as India's newest hill station, the Lavasa Corporation is constructing this private city. The city is a beautiful project, stylistically based on the Italian town Portofino. Spreading across 7 hills, covering an area of 25000 acres, Lavasa is a perfect blend of beauty and infrastructure. Lavasa is a privately planned hill city located near Pune in Maharashtra.

Distance from Karjat: 138 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

5 Lavasa Attractions

16. Ahmednagar

4.0 /5

Known For : Ahmednagar Fort Tomb of Salabat Khan II Cavalry Tank Museum

Ahmednagar is a city located in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra, at a distance of about 120 km to the northeast of Pune and 114 km to the southwest of Aurangabad. With its 500+ years of history, the City of Ahmednagar gets its name from its founder Ahmed Nizam Shah I. Ahmednagar is a small town compared to the nearby cities of Pune or Aurangabad, and not much of development has happened in the region. However, it is the birthplace of the cooperative movement and has about 19 Sugar Factories. Marathi is the primary language of communication and also the official language of the region.

Distance from Karjat: 204 km

6 Ahmednagar Attractions

17. Nashik, Maharashtra - Of Wines and Vineyards

Nashik, Maharashtra - Of Wines and Vineyards
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Known For : Panchvati Sula Vineyard Dudhsagar falls, Nasik

Nasik is a religious Hindu city, host to the Kumbh Mela every 12 years. It also makes for a perfect wine tasting destination. Nashik (Nasik), named after a relic associated with Ramayana, is a city in Maharashtra located on the banks of river Godavari. Nashik plays host to the famous Kumbh Mela every 12 years. The city is home to plenty of exotic temples and is known in Hindu mythology as the place where Ravana's sister, Surpanakha, tried to seduce Lord Ram and got her nose cut off by Lakshman in the process.

Distance from Karjat: 180 km

Best Time: July to March

39 Nasik Attractions

18. Kolad, Maharashtra - Maharashtra's Home for White Water Rafting

Kolad, Maharashtra - Maharashtra's Home for White Water Rafting
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Known For : Kolad River Rafting Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls Bhira Dam

Known for its cascading waterfalls, green meadows and picturesque backdrop of Sahyadris, Kolad is gaining traction as an adventure sports destination with provisions for rafting, rappelling, kayaking etc. Famous for white water rafting, Kolad is a thriving tiny village in the Raigad district in Maharashtra. It boasts of natural beauty which blooms during the monsoons. The majestic valleys and picturesque backdrops makes Kolad a treat for nature lovers as well as shutter bugs. The scenery is a treat to the eyes. 

Distance from Karjat: 81 km

Best Time: June to March

11 Kolad Attractions

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