Top Places to Visit in Germany

Showing 3 Top Places to Visit in Germany

1. Munich, Germany


Known For : Schloss Nymphenburg | Deutsche Museum | Olympia Park

Munich today is the technology capital, that values quality of life over and above all other aspects. Nevertheless the Bavarian city retains a medieval charm. It's a city that guilelessly blends modernity and tradition.

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2. Berlin, Germany


Known For : Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre | Reichstag | Brandenburg Tor

Berlin is all things exuberant and vibrant. It is extravagant, yet affordable; cosmopolitan and forward, yet steeped in rich history. The morbid days of Cold War and a city divided by the Wall are long forgotten and the reunified capital beats fast as the heart of Germany.

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3. Dresden, Germany


Known For : Frauenkirche | Procession of Princes | Residenzschloss (Royal Palace)

After decades of postwar reconstruction, the city has restored its classic baroque skyline while also adding newly renovated museums, edgy architecture, and innovative restaurants. Music, food, porcelain, the 'world's most beautiful dairy' and the Blue Wonder, the Saxon capital has it all

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