Monasteries in Darjeeling

Monasteries in Darjeeling

You must visit monasteries in Darjeeling to experience the essence of the place. There are lots of monasteries spread across the city, all having their own relevance. A few that stand out in the crowd are the Ghoom monastery, Bhutia Busty monastery and Aloobari monastery. Ghoom monastery is famous for its 15 ft. high special statue of Maitreya Buddha. It is also known as the Sakya monastery. Aloobari Gompa would be a place of choice if you're interested in both shopping as well as sightseeing. You can find lots of local stalls outside this place of worship. The fact that it is one of the oldest monastries in Darjeeling adds to its magnificence. Bhutia Busty Gompa is another shrine situated about a kilometer out of Darjeeling. This one is the most scenic out of all these places of worship. The shrine was originally located on Observatory Hill but was rebuilt later at its present location.


Here is the list of 6 Monasteries in Darjeeling

1. Ghoom Monastery, Darjeeling


At a grand elevation of 8,000 feet, the Yiga Choeling or old Ghoom Monastery is the oldest Tibetan Buddhist Monastery of Darjeeling. Established in 1850 by Lama Sherab Gyatso, this shrine is part of the Yellow Hat sect known as Gelupka who worship the 'Coming Buddha' or 'Maitreyi Buddha'. A 15-foot high statue of Maitreyi Buddha is seen in the central hall, made entirely of clay brought from Tibet.

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2. Bhutia Busty Monastery, Darjeeling

Also known as Karmaa Dorjee Cheoling Monastery, this beautiful Buddhist monastery is situated just 2 kilometres away from the Darjeeling Railway Station. One of the oldest and most revered monasteries in West Bengal, the Bhutia Busty is framed by the Kanchenjunga and is known for its Traditional Tibetan architecture with influences from Sikkimese culture. The monastery also features beautifully crafted murals that depict the journey of Buddha and is complete with a vast library.

3. Dali Monastery, Darjeeling

Located 5 kilometres away from Darjeeling Town, Dali Monastery as it colloquially goes by the name Druk Sangag Choling Monastery. Built according to traditional Tibetan architecture styles in 1971, the monastery perches on a steep hill and serves as home to many monks and disciples who study Buddhism.

4. Samten Choling Monastery, Darjeeling

Known popularly by the name of Ghum Monastery; Samten Choling Monastery is 7 kilometres away from the town of Darjeeling. The monastery is home to a 26-foot statue of Lord Buddha in all his glory that was recently built and is considered to be the main attraction at the monastery. Samten Choling also houses some of the oldest Buddhist manuscripts and books for everyone who wants to learn about Buddhism.

5. Aloobari Monastery, Darjeeling

Established in 1914, the Aloobari Monastery is named Yolmowa Mak Dhog Monastery. Located in the town of Aloobari, 3 kilometres from Darjeeling Town, the monastery is believed to have been built to ward off the first world war. The monastery features centuries-old manuscripts written on Buddhism and beautiful statues of Lord Buddha and Guru Rinpoche, an 8th-century sage.

6. Tamang Buddhist Monastery, Darjeeling

One of the oldest monasteries associated with the Tamang ethnic group of people which lies straight south of Darjeeling in the town of Mirik, the intricately designed monastery which lies faultlessly on a hill attracts people from all over the world and has one of the best views of the majestic Kanchenjunga in its hold.


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