Beaches in Matara

Beaches in Matara

If you are a beach person and looking for a calm and soothing getaway then beaches in Matara would be an ideal choice for you. Matara Beaches are often not too crowdy and offer picturesque scenery fo (Read More)r its visitors. The sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, thrilling watersports will make your visit much more fascinating.

Here is the list of 6 Beaches in Matara

1. Secret Beach, Mirissa , Mirissa

Secret Beach, Mirissa , Mirissa
4.3 /5

One of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka is Secret Beach. It was once a secret location known only by the locals but has now become a popular tourist destination. The beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Secret Beach is known for having a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, with gentle waves, golden sand and beautiful palm trees. The place has a few beachside restaurants and drinks bars, but otherwise, it is a very isolated beach. It is entirely untouched and close to its raw form.

2. Mirissa Beach, Mirissa

Mirissa Beach, Mirissa

With a coastline as long as 1,585 KM, this island country does not fall short of beaches. Sri Lanka’s Mirissa Beach is a must-visit with its serene blue waters, relaxful beach ambiance, exciting nightlife and adventurous water activities. Mirissa is a small town in the south coast of the country and is 150 KM away from the capital, Colombo. When one wishes to spend a flamboyant and colorful vacation against the breezy winds of the beach with mouth-watering delicacies and exuberant resorts to stay in, Mirissa Beach should definitely be on that list when coming to Sri Lanka.

3. Polhena Beach, Matara

Polhena Beach, Matara

Polhena Beach is one of the safest beaches in Sri Lanka with waist-high water and coral reefs. Swimming here is like swimming in a swimming pool but with an extraordinary aquatic life such a numerous giant green turtles, and fish which makes one’s dive even more memorable.

4. Dalawella Beach, Unawatuna

Dalawella Beach, Unawatuna
4.6 /5

When in Unawatuna, make it a point to visit the famous Dalawella beach. If you are looking for a quieter escape from the main beach, head out to the Dalawella beach. The beach is the ideal location to spend some quiet and quality time with your family or loved ones, while you relax, sunbathe and swim under the beautiful blue sky.

5. Hiriketiya Beach, Tangalle

Hiriketiya Beach, Tangalle

Hiriketiya beach, popularly known as Hiri beach, is near Dickwella town, 20 minutes from Tangalle in Hambantota district, on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Hiriketiya beach is a recently discovered cove, with soft, pale yellow sand along sparkling blue water. The circumference of the bay typically has tall, skinny palm trees. Although away from the main road, this beach is quite a busy one. The waves of the bay are gentle and safe. A rocky mouth guards the bay.

6. Weligama Beach, Matara

Weligama Beach, Matara

Weligama is a popular destination to learn surfing and there are local surfing schools on the coast to help you with it. The turquoise water here makes it a great swimming and snorkeling site.

Visit these serene beaches in Matara to make a perfect beachside vacation.

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