Best Time to Visit Texas

What is the best time to visit Texas?

The best time to visit Texas is from March to April. The Chill of the winter has faded and the scorching summer heat is yet to arrive. The wildflowers in the ranches are in full bloom and the bluebonnet beatifies the whole experience of hiking through the forest trails. The iconic music festival of SXSW lights up the city and the stock show and rodeo in Houston enhances the country vibe experience during March and April break month. The annual Strawberry festival in the small town of Poteet attracts crowds from over the world in April. The pleasant and cool April weather is ideal to explore the beaches and for taking bike rides on the coastline. May in Texas warms up a little with temperatures going up to 85 F in the state, but that does not stop the celebrations of the Strawberry festival of Pasadena, where music, cooking and barbequing conjures a lively event. The months of June and July usher in the celebrations of the 4th of July along with hot summer temperatures. Autumn in Texas brings in the tourist crowd enjoying the pleasant afternoons exploring the country‚??s history, nature, wild terrains in the ranches, or the soothing weather on the beach.

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