Best Time to Visit Nevada

What is the best time to visit Nevada?

The best time to visit Nevada is from March and April during the spring and fall seasons. Being mostly desert, the state experiences extreme temperatures both during summer and winter. March and April in Nevada are the ideal months to take a trip to the city and explore its outdoors. Springtime is the best time to experience the scenic drives in the Lamoille Canyon and Tahoe Lake. With wildflowers in full bloom and the trees donning vibrant hues of green, the landscape casts an enchanting spell. Summers in the Silver State is not recommended unless one plans to spend their vacation confined within the air-conditioned casinos. Extreme temperatures soaring as high as 50 C are not uncommon and the dry weather could cast a spell on your health. Nevada is one of the driest states in the United States is not gentle on your skin and lungs and dehydration wouldnâ??t be a surprise. Even though winters are dreary cold, the Christmas and New Year celebrations lure tourists into the city. Prices tend to drop after these celebrations are over and are a good time to take advantage of the pleasant weather, keeping in mind to stay hydrated.